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What We Saw in the Latest ‘Star Wars: Kenobi’ Trailer

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May 5 2022

We received a surprise May the Fourth present in the form of a second Kenobi trailer full of details and clues about the upcoming series.

This latest trailer gives us a lot of questions and a lot to look forward to.

Who is Kenobi Talking To?

The beginning of the trailer features Ewan McGregor’s Kenobi voice telling somebody “They are coming. Stay hidden.” But who is he saying this to? The ‘they’ in question is likely the Imperial forces or, more specifically, the Inquisitors who’s job it is to hunt down Jedi who escaped Order 66. Which, in turn, means he’s probably speaking to another Jedi.

The number of people who survived, let alone who Kenobi is in contact with is incredibly limited, but one possible recipient of this message could be Yoda. This could also be a warning for “uncle” Owen Lars. While he’s not force sensitive himself, raising a young Luke Skywalker could paint a target on his back. Unfortunately between staying on Anakin Skywalker‘s home planet of Tatooine and having Luke keep his father’s last name, perhaps the Lars household isn’t staying as hidden as Kenobi would like.


Luke Must Be Trained

Obi-Wan has a plan for that eventual danger, he’ll train Luke in the ways of the Jedi. Owen, unsurprisingly, wants to be left alone and reminds Kenobi of his attempt to train Anakin. Owen’s resistance to this is understandable; his step brother went on to be one of the worst Sith Lords in the galaxy. But you can also feel Kenobi’s defeat here; he wants to keep the remains of his culture alive.


Unfortunately, we know under what circumstances Luke comes to learn about the force a few years after this.

This also makes us wonder, does Kenobi have a similar plan for Leia Organa? Does he want to train her in the ways of the force “when the time comes?” Is this a conversation he has had with Bail Organa at any point? I doubt we’ll get the answers to those questions in this series, but now I’m wondering.


Kenobi is Wanted

While every Jedi who escaped the great purge is wanted to some degree, Kenobi has an official wanted poster. He’s not “if you see a Jedi shoot a Jedi” sort of wanted, he’s specifically “bring in this guy in particular” kind of wanted. Is this a byproduct of personally leaving The Emperor’s number two guy on a lava island to die? Or does this indicate that Obi-Wan has made his existence known to the Empire at some point? The latter wouldn’t surprise us, even the Inquisitor’s know that the best way to get a soft hearted Jedi out of hiding is to create an injustice they can’t ignore. But this could also indicate a personal grudge considering who we get a glimpse of in this trailer…




We all know that Hayden Christensen will be back in this show as Darth Vader, but every time we see a little hint of the Sith Lord it’s hard not to get excited all over again. New inquisitor, Reva, is on the hunt for Kenobi and yells, “You can’t escape him!” as the music swells and we see snippets of Darth Vader donning his iconic armor and using his breathing apparatus. Soon we’re going to see Vader in his entirety for the millionth time and we’ll collectively lose our cool.

It’s looking more and more like Darth Vader won’t just be a background structure in this show, but a fully-fledged villain. This could mean a reunion between master and apprentice, and more excitingly, a duel worth getting these two actor’s back on the same lot for.

Kenobi will be a six episode series. You can find it streaming weekly on Disney+ starting on May 27th.

Are you excited for the return of Kenobi? What did you notice or get excited for in the latest trailer? What do you think Darth Vader’s role in this series will be? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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