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LotR: Five Important Things We Noticed in the Newest ‘Rings of Power’ Trailer

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Jul 28 2022

SDCC has given us another stunning Rings of Power trailer.

The Rings of Power is only a couple of months out now. While it might not follow the books closely, it still promises to be a spectacle. A couple of days ago we got a new long trailer out of SDCC. Today let’s take a look at some of the important things we noticed in it.


The War of Wrath

We’ve speculated a few times that the Rings of Power was going to have flashbacks to the War of Wrath. The final conflict with Morgoth is a major turning point in the history of Middle Earth. This new trailer starts with Galadriel seemingly burying bodies from that war. We also get a number of other flashes of battles that have to be from the War of Wrath. It looks like it will play a big part in the story.


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Finrod is Galadriel’s other brother. He is actually the first character we saw in the lead-up to the Rings of Power. He is the figure dressed in white in the very first picture we got out of the show. In the books, Finrod dies during the War of Warth, killed by werewolves in fact. We actually get several shots of him in the teaser, such as him in battle above, and a shot of Galadriel looking at his dead body. It also appears that the dagger we see Galadriel with is his that she takes up after his death. It looks like we are getting a lot more Finrod than we thought.

The Black Blade Stands Out in This Newest Rings of Power Trailer

Theo is a new character in the Rings of Power. We don’t know a lot about him yet. However, he shows up a lot in this trailer, with some interesting connections. An old man talking to him is the first person to mention the name of Sauron. Why? Who knows. He is also in possession of this mysterious broken black blade. In the trailer, we see the blade isn’t all that broken as it reforms in what looks very similar to how the Morgul blades disintegrate, but in reverse. The symbol on the sword is also shown a lot in the trailer.

Sauron, is That You?


Sauron is, of course, the big bad of the series. However, up until now, we haven’t gotten a look at him. At most, we’ve seen references to an evil the heroes are facing. That might have changed. A character played by Anson Boon shows up a few times in the trailer and is clearly a sinister person. This might be our first look at Sauron, or more accurately Annatar, the fair form Sauron took to trick mortals. However I couldn’t find anything definitive saying that Boon is playing Saauron/Annatar, so this could be someone else.

There is a Balrog in the Newest Rings of Power Trailer

The trailer ends by showing off a Balrog. And man was this a surprise. First off, the Balrog looks exactly like the ones from Peter Jackson’s LotR, some kind of deal was struck here letting them use the same Balrog. And yet I don’t think this is the same Balrog for LotR. Durin’s Bane doesn’t awaken until Third Age 1980, thousands of years after the events of The Rings of Power and it kills During VI. Having it awaken now would be a truly massive change to the story.

So what is up with the Balrog? Well, there are a few theories. Maybe the most likely is that it’s not really in the show. It’s either part of a flashback to the War of Warth, when many fought, or part of a vision/warning of the future. In this case the far future. Another theory is that the Anson Boon or Meteor Man is actually the Balrog in mortal form. Maybe the whole first season is not the heroes fighting Sauron, but them dealing with a leftover Balrog. that would honestly make a lot of sense.

Let us know what you think of the new trailer, down in the comments! 



Author: Abe Apfel
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