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The Origin of ‘Street Fighter’s Cammy White Cosplay

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Aug 31 2022

Sometimes revenge is sweet- and proving a nay-sayer wrong is the best way to get your creative on. We’re uncovering the origins of this Cammy White cosplay!

Cosplay comes from a variety of inspirations. Sometimes it’s a character you love, sometimes it’s a creative challenge that tests or builds new construction skills. Sometimes, it’s out of spite when someone tells you that you CAN’T. Cosplayers show incredible resilience and talent with their art, and today we’re featuring one who has overcome some great odds in her cosplay journey. Today we’re looking at a gorgeous Cammy White cosplay.

Cammy White cosplay by Diana the Great, Image by Alexandra Lee

Diana the Great is a cosplayer we have featured in the past on BoLS. She is a dynamic cosplayer who shows joy and passion in all that she does. She’s a cosplayer whose curves bring cosplays to life in a beautiful way, and who always looks forward to a new challenge. This time around, the challenge is a Cammy White cosplay.

Diana the Great had a dating mishap that led to creative impetus. Sometimes the worst circumstances can lead to great creative fuel, and she chose to channel hers into her cosplay work. The resulting cosplay is gorgeous and vivid. We’ve featured Cammy before, but today we’re excited to share this new cosplay by Diana the Great!

“Here’s some WIP, and the full back story on why I chose this cosplay. 😈

I am almost done with everything. all that remains is the bodysuit, you can swipe to see the mock up. the initial fabric I chose for the hexagon side panels was very difficult to color match, so I am just going to make my own with a stencil. I’m fucking proud of the gauntlets; they are the nicest ones I’ve ever made; created from leftover foam scraps and wiggly eyes lol.

A lot of this cosplay was created very inexpensively; everything consists of leftover pieces I had, secondhand items I got from @scrapskc, or something I found on sale.

If you have any questions on how I patterned something, or what method I used to make an item, please don’t hesitate to ask. full WIP can be found in a highlight on my profile, and I’ll have a Reel/Tik-Tok walkthrough when it’s all finished.


I’ll see you all soon, the countdown to Planet is on! 😎

Cammy White Cosplay by Diana the Great, Images by Alexandra Lee

I fight for those I want to protect!

Fighting is my job. I don’t look to it for meaning. Not then or now.

Target has been silenced. On to the next mission.

Training with you is always helpful. I look forward to next time.

~Join us next week for more Cosplay Coverage~


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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