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Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann Cthonian Beserks

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Aug 1 2022

The Leagues of Votann are ready to unleash the augmented fury of the Cthonian Beserks!

If you thought the Leagues of Votann were going to be all bikes, trikes, and Exo-Armour think again. These augmented warriors are ready to get in your face and mess you up with their raw fury! Check out the new Leagues of Votann Cthonian Beserks!

via Warhammer Community

“The courageous warriors of the Cthonian Mining Guilds represent some of the most heavily augmented Kin – unreasonably brave souls who have enhanced the physical capabilities of their cloneskeins with cybernetic upgrades, all the better to extract precious minerals from rad-plagued nebulae, explosive asteroids, and fathomless ocean depths. “

Leagues of Votann Cthonian Beserks


The Cthonian Beserks don’t bother with those fancy pants things like armor or high-tech guns. They just use their mining equipment to bash their enemies in. If you can mine a rock with these tools you can break armor and skulls it!

These new Cthonian Beserks have that mix of metal and muscle that seems high tech and still a bit medieval. With big hammers, axes, and fists with bare skin and cyberstimm enhancements I can picture this unit screaming across the battlefield ready to pound the enemy into dirt. This unit will join the rest of the Leagues of Votann units we’ve seen so far. Oh, and Games Workshop isn’t finished teasing those units out either…

“We’re not done with the Leagues of Votann – there are even more surprises to extract from the mantle below.”

I can’t wait to see what else they are packing for this army. The Beserks aren’t the first “new” unit they’ve introduced compared to the old Squat army. So it’s good to see they aren’t limiting themselves to just redoing the old line with a new look. That said, there are a few old units we would like to see get updated. But keep the Leagues of Votann coming!



What do you think of these Cthonian Beserks?!

Author: Adam Harrison
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