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Queen Amidala Cosplay Wins Best in Show at Comicpalooza 2022

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Nov 14 2022

All hail the Queen Amidala cosplay! Star Wars comes out on top at this year’s Houston-based Comic Convention, wowing judges and taking home the top prize!

Comicpalooza always draws in cosplayers in Houston, Texas. The event is a fascinating mix of genres and fandoms, and this year the Star Wars fans took the top spot in the ever-popular cosplay competition. Today we’re sitting down with Jessica Ontiveros, whose stunning recreation of Queen Amidala proved that The Force is strong with this cosplayer.

Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros

This Queen Amidala cosplay is fantastic. I particularly love the detailed work of the embroidery and the textures. This cosplayer has a great hand with a needle and thread, and it shows. The headdress is likewise beautifully crafted. Overall this is an excellent representation of Queen Amidala from Star Wars, and it’s no surprise it took home the Best in Show award! We’ve sat down to interview Jessica Ontiveros in celebration of her win at Comicpalooza 2022, and we hope you enjoy this Queen Amidala cosplay feature.

How did you get your start in cosplay?

I started building costumes for myself in Middle School and eventually went on to do costuming for theatre in high school, then got a degree in it from SHSU. I didn’t get into cosplay until my mid-late 20s.

Queen Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros

What is your strongest construction aspect? 

Because my background is in costuming, I have a real need for accuracy so I guess my strongest aspect would be attention to detail. I even did all the gold embroidery for Amidala by hand!

What is most important to consider as a competition contestant?

I guess to be confident and patient. The whole process took a lot longer than I anticipated, but now I know to just be patient and it’ll all work out in the end.

Queen Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros

What advice do you have for first-time competition cosplayers?

Don’t be shy, people are so nice. I wasn’t anticipating how many of the other competitors came up to me and were so complimentary.

Queen Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros

What projects are you working on in the future?

I’ve started working with a family friend on a Labyrinth-inspired dress for her 50th birthday and I have plans to do Catherine of Aragon from Six The Musical (go see it, it is amazing!!!)

Queen Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros


What message do you have for people wanting to break into cosplay?

Do it! The people are so nice and it was so much fun to interact with everyone on the con floor. So many people had nice things to say. I’m very introverted so it was great to talk to people who loved what I made.

Queen Amidala Cosplay with permission from Jessica Ontiveros

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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