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Warhammer 40K: Let’s Talk About That Arks Of Omen Roadmap

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Nov 22 2022

Games Workshop showed off the Roadmap for 40k for Arks of Omen. But is that all we’re getting?

In case you missed it GW showed off the Roadmap for Arks of Omen this past weekend with the big Warhammer Preview Online. We took a look at the Arks of Omen release schedule and we are very curious about what the plan is here for those books.

In total we’ve got a total of 4 books coming — 3 that have been announced and a mysterious 4th book. And we can see the timeline as well with the winter/spring release windows.

In terms of 40k releases, we know that the World Eaters are coming soon-ish to follow up the release of the Astra Militarum. We’re still waiting on full releases for that army as well as we’re just now seeing the Army Set Pre-orders finalize. That release window could be a few weeks based on the number of kits. I suppose the question is when those are coming out, too. Will we see an Astra Militarum wave in December along with the World Eaters or will GW ride the Battleforces until January…

Anyhow, looking at the Roadmap above, we’re most curious if these Arks of Omen releases are every thing GW has planned for 40k until Summer of ’23. That’s quite the dry spell of releases and that surely can’t be the only 40k products that they have planned. It’s their flagship game and going basically 6 months with just 3 books coming out is a little concerning.

Then again, maybe that’s the plan. Maybe this window is a pause on production for 40k for a bit so they can takeĀ  step back and really plan out what’s next for the game. This Arks of Omen series feels a lot like the Psychic Awakening event that was essentially the capstone for 8th — only with half as many books.


Also, looking at the Table of Contents there’s a lot of lore there and the parts that aren’t lore are for the Boarding Actions. Those rules aren’t specific to Matched Play either. Personally, I am excited to take a look at them and try out some Boarding Actions myself — but I know that’s not what everyone is into.

With more of these Arks of Omen books on the way, I’m very curious to see what formats they will have. Again, the Abaddon book is lore and Boarding Actions — so what will Angron and Vashtorr provide? More lore — definitely. More Boarding Action rules? Probably some more scenarios. But is that all? Again, if these are the releases for the first few months of 2023, are they going to have models or rules for models or really any other 40k releases to go along with them?

We’re getting the final codexes for 40k. And then we’re getting a big narrative event. If this isn’t the end of an edition I’d be a little surprised at this point. I am very curious to see what GW does during and after the Arks of Omen series for 40k. I don’t think GW is going to be resting on their laurels with the “end of 9th” either. If anything, this might be a pause/refresher before something even bigger comes out.


What do you think of the Arks of Omen roadmap? Is that all we’re getting for 40k or do you think we’re going to get even more releases?


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