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Warhammer 40K Rumors: World Eaters Rules Latest

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Nov 23 2022

There’s a new set of World Eaters rumors doing the rounds. Take a look.

This has been a very busy rumor season these last few months. Coming right on the heels of the big World Eaters Minis seminar from GW, and the earlier page of unit listings, we have a new set of text-only rumors. There are no images at all on these, so take them with a grain of salt.  Still, based on the GW minis reveal, it looks like the last image of World Eater unit points was accurate. Let’s get started:

Rumors via Bolter & Chainsword’s Khornestar (cleaned up for readability)

World Eaters Traits
+1 Attack on Charge/charged/HI
+1 Strength on Charge/Charged/HI (May end up being diffrent)

WE Armywide Mechanic: Bloodtithe
Two current rumors:
Rumor 1 is you get a point for each unit destroyed and +1 bonus point for a vehicle/Monster the first time each turn and +1 for Titanic. So you could get up to 3 points if something like Angron was destroyed.
Rumor 2. Works similar to CK favors of the dark gods. Keep a Tally of total wound dealt by models destroyed (I.E. Ork Boyz give 1 point when killed, Custodes troops 3, etc)
Bloodtithe effects (which are PERMANENT)
6 to hit in Melee Auto wounds
+1 to hit
+1 AP for Melee Weapons
Attacks +1
Add 1 to Advance and Charge
5+ FNP to Mortals
6+ FNP to everything
Revive Angron (Puts him into deepstrike with 8 wounds and he deepstrikes next turn

Warlord Traits:
When your WL kills a unit, you get a bonus Bloodtithe point
WL takes half Damage in Melee
Fight First
Angron Trait: Remove OBSEC in 6′
Khârn: if 6 or more models within 3′ of Karn gain D3 attacks
See Invoctus for other trait

Every Dead model counts as 2 for morale
Relic Axe: +2 S -3 AP Damage 2, 6’s to hit grant two additional hits
Select CORE unit with in 6′ 6’s to hit auto wound

6 2 2 6 4 6 9 9 3+
Pistol 8 -3 2
Axe S:user AP-4 D2
4+ inv
Core reroll 1’s to hit
End of the movement phase if any friendly units are within 3″, pick one, on a 2+ cause 2 mortals


Lord Invoctus
Ignores invulns, only unit that does so.
Warlord trait is pregame move 2 CORE WE units OR Select Core or Character within 9″ can charge if it fell back. (From different versions)
Has an aura of +2 Movement of CORE WE Units

6″ 4 4 3 3 1 2 6 6 jak
6″ 4 4 3 3 1 3 7 6+ leader
6″ 4 4 4 3 1 2 6 6+ Dishonored
2 Attacks at AP -1
A couple can have +2S, -2 AP D2 -1 to hit upgrades
A couplemore can have User -2 AP D2 Double Attacks
Once per battle, can kill D3 of themselves and gain +1 Strength

9″ WS3 BS3 S6 T5 3W LD8 3+/5++
Pregame move built in

Exalted 8bound
9″ WS2 BS3 S6 T5 3W LD8 3+/4++
Prevent Fallback
SGT can get two cahinfists that get Damage 3

2+/4++ 18W
1 WLT – Removes enemy obsec within 6′
Warp Locus
Currently does not ignore Wound caps or invulns, but has so many attacks he can “Destroy anything in close combat pretty easily”
Can be revived with the bloodtithe mechanic


+1 Damage for Exalte 8bound

Khorne Daemons Only and… Land Raiders is the restriction
This means Angron + 8Bound + Maybe Lord Invoctaus from WE and of course the Khorne Daemons

Some AoR Stratagems
+1 to Wound
6″ Consolidate
If an opponent kills in 8bound in their shooting phase, but does not destroy the entire unit you can move it 9″ (May have ended up being D6 instead)
Buff Stratagem choose 1: 1)Obsec, 2)wound roll of 6 causes 1 MW up to 6, 3) 4+ FNP against MW

BAD News:
Only 1 Relic/WLT. No Stratagems for extra
Only 3 WLT for non-special Characters
No Subfactions

Have at it, and remember, caveat emptor.


Author: Larry Vela
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