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MTG: ‘All Will Be One’ White Spoilers

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Jan 23 2023

Phyrexia: All Will Be One promises major changes for the Magic multiverse. And also new cards, like these white spoilers full of perfection.

Get ready for your flesh to be perfected to Compleation. Because Phyrexia All Will Be One is here, launching under some of the least PR-friendly circumstances Wizards of the Coast has faced in a while. With WotC under fire on the D&D side of things for its OGL shenanigans, and facing criticism from the Magic community for pushing out too much too fast for anyone to keep up with, to the point that Bank of America downgraded their stock not long ago, it’s an interesting one for the machines.

But here we are, with Phyrexia All Will Be One white spoilers just the same. Here’s a look at Elesh Norn and all her little buds.

All Will Be One White Spoilers

A big part of All Will Be One’s storyline is that the Phyrexians have finally figured out how to turn Planeswalkers into their own loyal Phyrexian versions by Compleating them. Which is a terrifying prospect. In this set, five more Planeswalkers will fall to the Compleat perfection that is everyone’s new mommy, Elesh Norn. Who kicks off the spoilers today in her Mother of Machines format (MoM).

Standing up to her, however, one of the Planeswalkers who hasn’t yet fallen to Phyrexia, the Eternal Wanderer. This legendary Planeswalker is the current Emperor of Kamigawa. And here, she brings Samurai and solitude with her.

Alongside the Wanderer, also is Kemba, Kha Enduring. Master of putting hats (or other equipment) on cats.

But on the Phyrexian side of things, we get to see the Phyrexian factory that is Mondrak, Glory Dominus who doubles the output of tokens. As well as the mighty Mites, embodied here as Skrelv, who has his own name and hive.

Finally here’s a look at White Sun’s Twilight. This is a monument to Elesh Norn, set to receive the White sun of Phyrexia as it sets and mites skitter out from beneath.


All this will be one!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
  • Outside the Box - January 20th