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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’: Everything We Noticed in Season 2 Episode 4

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Jan 19 2023

Now that’s what I call riot racing! This week’s episode of The Bad Batch took us back to the race track for the latest job from Cid.

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch felt a little like a low-stakes bottle episode with clues for larger implications and character development. For the most part, this chapter was fun and designed to make us feel good about our protagonists. But there was nothing to it. Here’s what we noticed in this episode, the Easter Eggs, and what it could mean for the rest of the season.

I can’t break down Easter Eggs without spoiling large portions of the episode. If you haven’t watched yet, proceed at your own risk.

Lots of Food References Come Back Around


This is less ‘Easter Egg’ and more detail consistency, but this episode mentions a few food items that we’ve seen before. Omega tells Wrecker that he owes her some Mantell Mix early on. This crunchy popcorn-like snack is one we remember the two of them sharing from Season 1.

Shortly after, it’s referenced that Hunter and Echo are on a very important mission to deliver some Nerf Nuggets. These bison-like animals have been referenced a few times throughout Star Wars history and are known around the galaxy for their milk, hides, and meat. Which can be made into nuggets. This makes sense, anywhere with toddlers needs its proteins in nugget form.  Finally, we see a quick shot of a passer-by eating a Meiloorun Fruit. These were a favorite of Ezra in Star Wars Rebels.


Riot Racing is a Lot Like Pod Racing


Since Hunter and Echo are occupied, Cid’s new job is just for Omega, Wrecker, and Tech. And this job is being her guard at the Riot Racing track. She put a large bet on her droid racer to win and didn’t seem as good for the cash as she claimed. Hence the muscle.

But Riot Racing is very reminiscent of Pod Racing from The Phantom Menace. Everything from the general vibe of the town to the layout of the sandy tracks to the kinds of aliens we see on and around the track all feels designed to remind us of Anakin Skywalker‘s big race.


Ben Schwartz As TAY-0

This episode introduces TAY-0, Cid’s modified racing droid… which is promptly destroyed by the competition, forcing Tech to jump into the racer. But in the short time we knew him, TAY was voiced by Ben Schwartz. On its own, this is nothing more than delightful casting. But a quick look at TAY may remind you that Ben Schwartz always plays the blue guy. And despite his faded paint job, this cocky racer is no exception to the blue-guy rule.


Another Familiar-Looking Droid


Once on the track, Tech gets a look at his fellow racers, and one of them is a unique-looking B1 Battle Droid. Or, we should say it’s a battle droid on a protocol droid’s body. This is a pretty direct callback to a scene in Attack of the Clones where C-3PO had a similar switchie-do with a battle droid.


Cid Can’t Be Trusted

Courtesy of Disney

Before they leave, Millegi, Cid’s biggest competition in this race, warns the batch that she shouldn’t be trusted. They have a history that seemed through this episode like it might have been friendly at some point. And this is far from the first time somebody has cryptically made reference to Cid’s past and the idea that she may not be the best person to put one’s trust in. She’s put the batch in batch situations a few times now but has also never given them a reason to think she’d backstab them. Yet.

What did you notice in this episode of The Bad Batch? Did you enjoy this racing episode, or do you want to see the whole team get into something with a bit more meat? Which Ben Schwartz blue guy is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!

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