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Star Wars: Disney Should Make a Lando Show – Here’s How

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Feb 17 2023

Here is how the House of Mouse could make a perfect show about the smoothest criminal in the galaxy – Lando Calrissian.

Back in late 2020 (the Dark Times) Disney announced that along with a host of other shows, the studio was making a Lando show. In the years since we’ve seen a number of Star Wars shows come out on Disney+. Some have been amazing, and others… have existed. Since then, we’ve heard nothing at all about Lando Calrissian.

But Disney could still make a Lando show, and it could be absolutely amazing.

First Off, We Need Donald Glover

Let’s be honest, in order to make a Lando show, Disney needs Donald Glover. He was pitch-perfect as the charismatic gambler. Recasting Lando just wouldn’t work at all. Now we’re in luck here, Disney does want Glover back. In fact, one major reason for delays on the show seems to be that they are waiting for Glover to free up time for it.

The Lando Show Needs to Be the Calrissian Chronicles

This show had better be called the Calrissian Chronicles. For those who don’t recall, that’s the name Lando gives to his self-narrated auto-biography we see him working on during Solo. It already gives us a solid framework for the show by going over Lando’s adventures. It makes perfect sense for a name.

Also, it allows for some colorful narrations from Lando during each episode. It’s perfect! And it would pay a little homage to the old EU Lando books.

Two Landos Are Better Than One

Following along with the idea of the show being based on the Calrissian Chronicles leads us to another great possibility. You could bring back Billy Dee Williams as Lando. In the show, Williams could play the older, semi-retired Lando. Maybe he’s hanging on after The Rise of Skywalker. Or maybe he narrates while he’s living in the desert.


With Williams’ Lando narrating, you would then have Glover’s young Lando actually on the narrated adventures. This gives us the best of both worlds.

The Lando Show Could Be Less Cannon and More Kooky

Dual Landos also lets you worry a lot less about staying strictly within Star Wars canon. After all, Lando is telling these stories. And he’s telling them to make himself look good. Basing a show around an unreliable narrator opens up a lot of possibilities. The stories told on the show could just be not true, but more likely they’d be exaggerations.

This kind of format would really let Lando ham it up. It could also add some much-needed humor to Star Wars in general.

Let us know what you think about this idea for a Lando show down in the comments! 



Author: Abe Apfel
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