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T’au Cosplayer Takes Commissions For the Greater Good

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Apr 14 2023

They’re building an army- one cosplay commission at a time. T’au cosplays are taking over!

In the world of the grimdark, many civilizations are hopeless and lost. Through the darkness shines the T’au Empire – a civilization of castes dedicated to converting the galaxy to the service of the Greater Good. We’re featuring a professional artist whose cosplay commissions help spread the Greater Good far and wide.

T’au Cosplay with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel

Siegfred Son-of Gabriel has a diverse background as an artist and tradesman that fuels his creative pursuits. As a commission artist, he creates real-life versions of T’au cosplays that are available for the public to purchase. Many cosplayers call upon his skills to bring their Warhammer 40k cosplay goals to life. No matter the caste or color, there is no project too big for Siegfred Son-of Gabriel to tackle.

The Cosplay Commission Process

I have many years experience working in the film industry as an artdep fabricator. We built everything from prop weapons, whole (armor) sets and prosthetic effects. Cosplay happens to be a hobby of mine, for competition sake, and at times I do odd commissions on the side. I sell costumes I wore that I have already competed in.

During the pandemic, I found my business exporting goodies abroad. Facebook has been very helpful for exposure and finding clients not only on the local scene, but also on an international scale. I keep a good reputation of delivering goodies better than client expectations, I don’t hesitate to go the extra mile (using surplus materials from other builds so as to break even) and I also maintain a reputation for speed, a trait I gained in the hustle and bustle of the film industry where deadlines can make or break your career.

I keep an efficient tandem build program where I can build over 3 commissions in a span of 2 months. I do not control prices for shipping though, as clients do pay for shipping, so i balance it out with reasonable commission prices which are on a 50% downpayment, and 50% balance plus shipping quote numbers (official printouts from the courier office or an app) on delivery day.

Siegfred Son-Of Gabriel
Cosplay with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel

T’au Cosplays with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel

“We are five castes, one people. We stand united, dedicated wholly to the Greater Good. As we progress, we will encounter further barriers. We will overcome them. Our future is now, believe in our destiny.”
T’au Cosplay with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel


T’au Cosplay with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel

T’au Cosplay with permission by Siegfred Son-of Gabriel

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