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Behold all the Heavenly Glory of this Bruce Lee ‘Enter the Dragon’ Closet Cosplay!

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Aug 10 2023

Get your kicks in 4k- the 50th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition of Enter the Dragon is here, and we’re celebrating with closet cosplay!

If you’re a fan of classic martial arts films like I am, I’ll be surprised if you haven’t already scoped out the sexy new Enter the Dragon 4k Ultra HD Blueray that dropped this week. Whether you’re a Bruce Lee die-hard or new to “The Little Phoenix”, this is the perfect time to get in touch with your zen side.

To celebrate this exquisite drop, we’ve put together a cheeky closet-cosplay list that will inspire you to feel, not fight. Figure out YOUR style with this build, and enjoy the newest addition to your martial arts classic film list. And as always, remember:

“We are unique, gentlemen, in that we create ourselves through long years of rigorous training, sacrifice, denial, pain. We forge our bodies in the fire of our will.”

– Enter the Dragon

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Bring honor to your temple with this closet cosplay!

Enter the Dragon Closet Cosplay: The Pants

This cosplay is ridiculously easy to pull off, but the devil is in the details. Go for any black martial arts pants, kung-fu pants, or heck–throw on a pair of sweatpants; that would work too! This pair of pants is looser fitting, in case you want freedom of mobility. (In a pinch, you could totally rock a set of pajama pants!)

If you want something more form fitted to match Bruce’s iconic look, this is the style for you. They’ll showcase the shoes more as well. As we said above- this is an easy cosplay to throw together!


Enter the Dragon Closet Cosplay: The Shoes

Martial arts/kung-fu shoes are easy to find online- with the popularity of martial arts events these days, you won’t have a hard time locating them. You could also pull out some all-black sneakers, black slippers, or even go barefoot if you trust your environment enough!

Enter the Dragon Closet Cosplay: The Massive Chest Muscle Suit

This has to be my favorite part of this cosplay idea. Muscle suits are a trending topic on the interwebs these days, and this is a perfect opportunity to rock one. There are less realistic versions online, but I prefer this sleek, slightly (ok more than slightly) more expensive version. Buy it once, and you’ll have it forever! If you already HAVE a gorgeously sculpted chest… well then send us your workout secrets, and rock what you’ve got!


Enter the Dragon Closet Cosplay: The Blood and Special Effects

To take this cosplay above and beyond, consider adding in the battle damage from the movie. Scrapes and scratches, bloody patches… All of it is possible with the right makeup special effects kit! Having one of these on hand is a great idea for a myriad of cosplays, so grab one, and you’re good to go!

Enter the Dragon Closet Cosplay: The 50th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s SEXY- the 50th-anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition of Enter the Dragon is HERE! Check it out, and make sure you bring a towel for all that sweat and drool. Get your kicks in 4k, and don’t forget to send us pictures of YOUR closet cosplay!

Get the “thumbs up” from Bruce- click the links above and check out our suggestions on Amazon- we get a tiny piece of the action from Amazon for every click you make- and it doesn’t cost you anything! We’re kicking our cosplays into gear, and every punch counts.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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