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Hack the Planet with Angelina Jolie’s Character from ‘Hackers’ Closet Cosplay

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Aug 24 2023

We’re downloading the techno-grunge attitude of Angelina Jolie’s “Acid Burn” hacker, Kate Libby in this week’s Hackers cosplay build.

Hackers is one of the most influential cult classic films of the 1990s. It launched Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller, and Matthew Lillard on big screen society and is still a manifesto for the cyberpunk community to this day. To celebrate the release of the Collector’s Edition 4k, we’ve put together a closet cosplay for the sassiest hacker–Acid Burn herself, Kate Libby (played by Angelina Jolie).

Hackers is a coming-of-age story in a cyberpunk world where the hacker elite band together to fight the vicious corporate machine. Computing prodigy Dade Murphy (aka Zero Cool) is arrested for hacking as a child and banished from the virtual world until his eighteenth birthday.

As a teenager in New York, he befriends a misfit crew of fellow technophiles. The crew accidentally stumble across a conspiracy to release the devastating DaVinci virus and to blame hackers for the entire coup.

With the help of his fellow hackers, including Angelina Jolie’s Kate Libby, they try to “hack the planet” and save their community from taking the fall. Kate is a strong, incredibly gifted hacker with a territorial streak a mile wide. The two lock into a battle of wits (and computing prowess) that is legendary–just as legendary as the amazing costumes throughout the film.

We’ve thrown together a closet cosplay to commemorate this film. Throw on the Hackers film (available through Prime Video) and prepare to download your next killer cosplay!

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Hackers Closet Cosplay: The White Jumpsuit Top

Kate Libby’s white-on-white aesthetic in the club scenes is ICONIC. She makes the color look edgy and fierce and is a stark contrast to the other characters. For this look, we’ve gone cropped white vest with black detailing. You can do a bodysuit, a vest and pants, or whatever else you have on hand!

Hackers Closet Cosplay: The White Jumpsuit Pants

Any white pants will do for this look, but the edgier, grungier you go, the more you’ll stand out. There’s always the ability to add details like belting as well.

Hackers Closet Cosplay: The Boots

Kate Libby is another character who rocks fierce bitch boots. Any moto boot, grunge boot, or combat boot will do for this look- the bulkier, the better! I seriously need to put together a list of all the closet cosplays that use combat boots like this…

Hackers Closet Cosplay: The Wig

Acid Burn’s hair is the one element that will make or break this cosplay. Her cut is SO iconic and indicative of the ’90’s- there’s no way to do this cosplay without it. Her sideburns are long and sharp, and her bangs are jagged as well. Chop up any wig you’re tired of, and you’ll have everything you need to rock her locks.


Hackers Closet Cosplay: The Ring

The last detail to tie this cosplay in is her jewelry. Kate wears very dramatic finger armor, a silver cuff that covers her whole finger. It’s sharp and wicked-looking and will bring home your Hackers cosplay!

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Pick up your copy of the Collector’s Edition 4k and have yourself a bowl of cereal. And don’t forget- send us pics of YOUR closet cosplays!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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