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The Outlaw Star: The Best Ship to Bring to a Gunfight Because It Can Dual Wield

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Sep 10 2023

Most ships in the galaxy are armed with weapons. Very few actually wield them, but The Outlaw Star is unique among starships.

Created in secret, with a joint operation between both a Pirate Guild and the Space Forces, the ship known as the Outlaw Star was designed with a singular purpose: finding the mystical data repository known as the Galactic Leyline. Not long after it was completed, the ship was stolen by an outlaw known as “Hot Ice” Hilda.

Since then, the ship has been involved in events that changed the course of the galaxy. However, what’s most important about it, is that the ship carries, among other things, a big knife.

The Outlaw Star – Design and Capabilities

The Outlaw Star was a custom-built “Grappler Ship.” Grappler ships were so-called because they were built with one or more grappler arms. The Outlaw Star possesses two such arms. These large, mechanical arms are typically folded on the bottom of the ship. But when combat gets intense, the ship’s crew can activate grappler combat mode.

This requires the direction of a specialized crewmember known as a Grappler. The Outlaw Star’s Grappler, Gene Starwind, used a specialized headset and a network of drone cameras to control the ship. The Outlaw Star’s arms were typically outfitted with a large machine gun and a ship-sized combat axe.

In addition to the armaments carried by its grappler arms, the Outlaw Star also boasted at least five other guns, two mounted dorsally, one underslung ventrally, and two more mounted on its forward port and starboard sides.

Adding to the overall firepower: an array of missile launchers, though these are seldom used, owing to the extreme cost of reloading.


A History Full of Space Witches

The Outlaw Star was originally created as part of a secret project to enter the Galactic Leyline and commune with the god-like machine intelligence left behind long ago by a race of advanced aliens. In order to complete this ship, the Space Forces worked with the Kei Pirates under the direction of Gwen Khan, who had used decoded information from alien ruins to complete the construction of the Outlaw Star.

This decoded information gave the Outlaw Star its navigation system and biological android crewmate: Melfina VSD02C. And who knows how the history of the galaxy might have unfolded if not for the intervention of notorious outlaw “Hot Ice” Hilda.

Hilda stole the ship not long after its maiden voyage, intending to steal the Galactic Leyline’s treasure for herself. After stealing the Outlaw Star, “Hot Ice” Hilda and Melfina fled to the fringes of civilization to lay low.

Eventually, though, tragedy befell the ship and her crew. Hilda was slain, and Gene Starwind, the ship’s Grappler, took up the quest to enter the Leyline. As the vessel neared the Galactic Leyline, it was destroyed in a pitched battle, only to be created, better than ever, by an entity known as the Maiden of the Leyline.

And that’s just the start of the story.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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