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This ‘Street Fighter’ Cammy White Closet Cosplay Packs a Punch

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Jan 11 2024

Dance to your own martial beat with this Cammy White closet cosplay inspiration!

Cammy White is one of the most popular, highest-requested cosplays we cover. We’ve featured cosplayers like Diana the Great, who have created adaptations of this iconic warrior. This week, we’re teaching you how to build your own version.

Cammy White is a fierce warrior who is constantly on the move. She’s known for her vicious kicks and some massive stopping power in her fists. Whether you want to create a bespoke cosplay or just want something quick and easy to throw together, this list will get you going.

Cammy White Closet Cosplay: The Bodysuit

The base piece for this cosplay is the bodysuit. She wears a simple green, haltered one-piece suit. You want a material that’s stretchy and lets you move easily, so you can throw those high kicks! This option is a more sedate version for those who don’t want to put everything out there.


If you want to go big and bare all, here’s a cheekier option for you. It shows off all the assets, to be sure! It definitely speaks to the more daring cosplayer.

Cammy White Closet Cosplay: The Gloves

Cammy’s accessories are bright red, and no fighter should go without protective gear. The actual character has custom-made gloves that reach higher up the arm, but you can always use athletic tape or banding to extend the red up your arm. If you want something simple to drop in, any workout/lifting/boxing gloves will do!

Cammy White Closet Cosplay: The Boots

To go with the boxing gloves, what is better than a boxing boot? This goes great if you already have such gear in your closet, but any combat boot would work, or black sneakers in a pinch. This boxer-style boot certainly goes more toward the combat theme of the character.


Cammy White Closet Cosplay: The Beret

To finish off the look and add some signature style, you need a beret. Cammy wears red, but if you have a black one in your closet, that works too. Alternatively, you could do a headband or bandanna if that’s what you have on hand.

Cammy White Closet Cosplay: The Wig

Unless you already have blonde hair, a wig is a great addition to this costume. The Hairline won’t matter as much if you have the beret, so wear something comfortable. (Don’t forget your wig cap!) If you’re not into wigs or want to save a penny, just go with your natural hair—you’ll look the part with the rest of the list above!

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little money if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to buy more video games, so we appreciate your help! Keep cool and box on!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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