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Take Another Look at the Readers’ Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023

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Dec 29 2023

It’s a battle for the top spot, which leading lady of graphics will punch through the Reader’s Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023!

Slap your start buttons and sync your monitors, folks- it’s time for my favorite cosplay list of the year! Video game cosplay will always have the top spot in my heart, but this list isn’t about me! It’s all about our BoLS readers. Today you’re making the rules, and I’m following them. It’s the Reader’s Choice Video Game Cosplays list of 2023!

Last year’s highest-viewed video game cosplay list was DOMINATED by Riot Games’ stunning chart-topper, League of Legends. It’s no surprise to see them back again, but this year we have a much more diverse list of game studios on our list.

5. How Sweet! The Many Looks Of Princess Peach Cosplay

Princess Peach cosplay by Delano,  for the Reader's Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023
Princess Peach cosplays with permission by Delano.

The list starts off strong with a classic. With the recent release of the newest film installment of the Super Mario Bros. series, Princess Peach is more popular than ever. She has her own ballad by Jack Black, and this lady is ready to strut her stuff. This cosplayer has a creative array of Peach variations, and all of them are cheeky tributes to the golden-haired damsel.

Mario may be the main character, but a certain char-topping turtle-dragon has all talking–and singing–about Princess Peach.


Mario is still cleaning up in the box office. But thanks to a certain chart-topping dragon-turtle, we’re all thinking [and singing] about another character.

Maid Peach cosplay with permission by Delano. Photography By M Doyle

4. ‘League Of Legends’ Cosplayer Yaya Han Talks Partnerships And Culture – DragonCon 2023

League of Legends Fiora cosplay with permission by Yaya Han

Yaya Han continues to smash the competition in real life and in our cosplay articles. She’s back with her gorgeous League of Legends cosplay, the Nightraven skin for Fiora. The armor detail is particularly stunning when compared to the character art.

Yaya Han gives insight into her business practices and offers community advice to guide future cosplayers in this DragonCon 2023 interview.

I attended DragonCon this year and had the opportunity to sit down with some influential voices in the cosplay community. We wanted to dive deeper into the serious conversations of the art and industry and were excited to interview Yaya Han. I have followed Yaya Han‘s work enthusiastically for decades and have always considered her an inspiration.


League of Legends Fiora cosplay with permission by Yaya Han

3. Carmen San Diego Cosplayer Steals Judges’ Hearts At Comicpalooza 2023

Carmen San Diego cosplay by Chelsea M Cosplay, for the Reader's Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023
Carmen San Diego cosplay with permission by Chelsea M Cosplay

Where in the world did she get this cosplay?! This Carmen cosplay is absolutely gorgeous; I love the sharp angles of her pose. The red side lighting makes the hair catch fire, just like my heart.

This globe-trotting Carmen San Diego cosplayer has arrived at Comicpalooza 2023, and we’ve got the scoop.

Each year in Houston, Texas, cosplayers flock to the convention floor of Comicpalooza to show off their best creations. From Comicpalooza 2023 we have a whole new, exciting set of interviews and images for you to enjoy! Our third Comicpalooza 2023 interview comes from Chelsea M Cosplay, an accomplished cosplayer based in Beaumont. With nearly a decade of experience, she has garnered multiple awards, including consecutive wins at Comicpalooza. This year she took the Judge’s Choice award, and we’ve sat down to learn more about her.

Carmen San Diego cosplay with permission by Chelsea M Cosplay

2. A New Skywalker Rises – Mara Jade Skywalker Cosplay Steps Into The Light

Mara Jade cosplay by April Gloria,  for the Reader's Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023
Mara Jade Cosplay by April Gloria

The redheads get me every time! Star Wars continues to be a core competency for the BoLs team. The force is strong with this action-packed cosplay. The emphasis on gels in the photos makes comic-like colors pop off the screen. Though Mara Jade isn’t a character we see often, her number two spot shows that she’s just as mighty.

This assassin turned smuggler turned Jedi Master has always been a hot topic in the Star Wars Universe. It’s a Mara Jade Skywalker cosplay!

Mara Jade Skywalker is one of those characters that almost the entire Star Wars fandom agrees is awesome. Coming from the no-longer-canon Legends books, we watched Mara go from the Emperor’s Hand to a smuggler with no allegiances, to a Jedi Master, and eventually Luke Skywalker‘s wife and partner in everything. It was a long road with Mara Jade and we loved all of it. And now the fandom is asking the same question; when’s she coming back!?


Mara Jade Cosplay by April Gloria

1. This ‘Metroid’ Samus Aran Cosplay Completes Impossible Missions

Samus Aran Cosplay by Anya Ichios Cosplay

We’re taking it waaaaay back to the beginning of female video game characters with the highest-viewed video game cosplay of the year. Samus Aran has always been a popular character for us, and I’m happy to see Anya Ishios’s work celebrated again! She takes great care to match her character’s poses and style. She’s Zero-Suit ready and out to dominate. Congrats to Anya!

She’s the Intergalactic Bounty Hunter who can accomplish ANYTHING. This Samus Aran cosplay is the best form of nostalgia.

Few vintage video games are as easily recognizable or highly revered as the Metroid series. For decades, the protagonist, Samus, has traipsed across the side-scrolling screens of multiple gaming platforms. And she never fails in her impossible missions.

Samus Aran Cosplay by Anya Ichios Cosplay

That’s all for our Reader’s Choice Video Game Cosplays of 2023. Let us know what YOUR favorite cosplays of the year were!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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