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This ‘Batman Returns’ Catwoman Closet Cosplay Lets You Live Your Best Nine Lives

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Jan 4 2024

If you can’t buy accessories, burgle them in a Catwoman closet cosplay fit for mischief!

Of all the characters I’ve cosplayed, Catwoman is the one I’ve done the most and the one that’s the most requested. From the 1960s Julie Newmar version to the comics, from Anne Hathaway and beyond, I NEVER get tired of a great Catwoman cosplay. More importantly, for the purposes of this article, Catwoman is the character I love to build closet cosplays for the most. Today we’ll share some tips and tricks to inspire YOUR build!

It’s amazing how characters in head-to-toe black can still have nuance and differentiation between versions. Catwoman never fails to shock and impress. She’s sleek, sassy, and ferocious- and that’s reflected in her costume. Regardless of which era or source material you use for your build, it’s quite a fascinating task to make all that black read interesting and maneuverable as well. We’re up to the challenge!


Catwoman Closet Cosplay: The Suit

The base element for any Catwoman is a bodysuit. Whether you want to go glossy vinyl (sexy as hell, hard to put on and take off, and harder to move in. That fabric doesn’t breathe!) or matte fabrics… The better the fit, the more you’ll pull off Catwoman’s sleek vibe! This suit is more reminiscent of the most recent Catwoman and punches up the sexiness.

If you’re more of a practical human who wants actual COMFORT in their cosplays… I highly suggest you go with the matte fabric, a stretchier version for your cosplay. This is my personal choice unless it’s just for a photo shoot–if you’re walking the Con halls, scaling buildings, or doing any acrobatics, you’ll want a range of motion and breathability. Trust me.

Catwoman Closet Cosplay: The Corset

Now, this element is COMPLETELY optional and up to preference. I adore corsets- I love the look and feel of them. So I’m more likely to incorporate one into my cosplays for sheer effect and the way it feels on. You can skip this element if you like or focus on other accessories. A basic black corset is a great staple for your cosplay closet!


Catwoman Closet Cosplay: The Boots

Welcome to my winter wonderland–BOOTS. There’s nothing sexier than a heeled black leather boot. Period, end of story. If you have a black pair in your wardrobe, you’re good to go. Wear something comfortable that you’re happy to wear for hours at a time and move around in. Or if you need an excuse to buy some new boots… Have a blast picking out some new ones!

Catwoman Closet Cosplay: The Mask

For a Catwoman mask, you can go as simple as something that covers the eyes or as elaborate as a full-headed cowl. With all the other details in place, Catwoman’s mask is just the cherry on top. Goggles work too, or even just a dramatic cat-eye makeup look!

Catwoman Closet Cosplay: The Whip

Last but not least–the whip. If you’ve built a closet cosplay for Indiana Jones, you’ll most likely have a whip on hand already. It’s an interesting prop to keep in the prop closet and is iconic for Catwoman. It’s the perfect detail to round out a sensational cosplay.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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