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This ‘Hellboy’ Cosplay by Knightmage is a Devilishly Good Time

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Jan 26 2024

No tongue on the second date, and buy this Hellboy cosplayer a drink first!

He’s fireproof and has an aversion to the rules; Hellboy is a problem. There’s nothing he loves more than causing mischief and making scenes in public… Unless it’s a Babe Ruth.  Mike Mignola‘s crime noir hero packs one hell of a punch—and an even hotter punchline.

Hellboy Cosplay with permission from KnightMage

Hellboy is a half-demon who’s known for being tall, red, and surly. He rocks gigantic combat boots, black leather pants, a trench coat, and one hell of a sidearm! He hunts supernatural baddies with his team of paranormal experts, trying to escape the shadows that confine him.

This week’s character feature is from Knightmage, whose Hellboy cosplay is perfect. He has the stature to pull off the imposing detective, and his cosplay-building skills get better with every project he tackles.


Hellboy Cosplay with permission from Knightmage

Hellboy Cosplay with permission from KnightMage
“Hey Myers, you’re a talker. What’s a good word, a solid word for “need”?”

Hellboy Cosplay with permission from KnightMage
“Abe Sapien: Remind me why I do this again.
Hellboy: Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind.
Abe Sapien: Ah!”

Hellboy Cosplay with permission from KnightMage
“Cut to the end, will ya? How do I kill it?”

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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