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This Motoko Kusanagi ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Closet Cosplay is a Cyberpunk Fantasy

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Feb 1 2024

If a cosplay feat is possible, man will do it. Almost as if it’s wired into the core of our being. This Ghost in the Shell closet cosplay holds them all.

I recently took a trip down memory lane with the 1995 version of Ghost in the Shell. With its dark and gritty cyber-society, there’s so much to see and experience. The anime has been remade and turned into a Hollywood shindig that critics and audiences alike malign. Though the movie might leave some wanting, the anime itself is fodder for some fantastic cosplay!

For this closet cosplay list, I’ve gone with the lavender corset and boots look that is seen throughout the film. Major Motoko Kusanagi is all business with no time for fuss, and her clothing, though fierce, is also simple. There are many ways to go about this character, but this one will be a lot of fun.

Ghost in the Shell Closet Cosplay: The Bodice

Finding a corset top that has the right panty line and will allow for movement (and can be seen in public) is no easy feat! There are various ways to go about this look, but this one hits all the boxes. Plus, it’d be really cute in the bedroom!


For a simpler option, any one-piece bathing suit or bodysuit could stand as a base for a Motoko cosplay. Cut or alter it however you need, but this will be a great staple piece for your wardrobe.

Ghost in the Shell Closet Cosplay: The Leggings

I thought of a few different ways to achieve the thigh-high look, but this one is the coolest. I always struggle with thigh-high stockings rolling down or cutting into my thighs, and this looks like a fabulous alternative.


Ghost in the Shell Closet Cosplay: The Boots

We’re back again with another black combat boot look. I’ve lost count of how many cosplays a boot works for, but we’re still… Kicking. A tactical boot makes more sense for this character since it’s versatile and comfortable.

Ghost in the Shell Closet Cosplay: The Leather Jacket

We’re always looking for another excuse to whip out the leather jackets, right? This cosplay can go with or without the overlayer, OR you could even whip out the yellow trench coat instead for some serious drama.

Ghost in the Shell Closet Cosplay: The Gloves

Last, but not least, are the gloves. Gun gripping, wall climbing… Whatever you’re up to, these gloves will provide ZERO support, but you’ll sure look cool!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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