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Warhammer: Five AdeptiCon Announcements We’re Excited About

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Mar 22 2024

There’s so much cool stuff coming to the worlds of Warhammer. The AdeptiCon preview has us pumped for more!

In case you missed it, Games Workshop held their big AdeptiCon Preview show this past Wednesday/Thursday (depending on your time zone). There were a LOT of reveals and this might have been the most reveals from any preview from GW yet. This particular show was pre-recorded and while I did like the format, my one complaint is that we didn’t get more pictures of miniatures during the live stream. There were lots of cinematic shots but I want to see the WHOLE miniature in one crisp, clean shot. Preferably with the name of the unit/miniature as well.

More images like this in the previews, please!

ANYHOW, the preview had some rather amazing stuff and I gotta be honest, I think Chaos might have taken home the prize for best in show for both 40k and AoS. Let us know in the comments if you agree. Otherwise, let’s check out our favorite reveals from the show!

Chaos Rising

As mentioned Chaos really showed up and showed off in this preview. We had not one, but TWO new Chaos Lords coming to 40k. Plus they are getting their own themed Battleforce Boxes which is a nice touch.

I’m not sure which Chaos Lord looks cooler. What I do know is that I appreciate all the various options they are bringing to the tabletop though. These kits look great and the customization is a welcome addition, too


Not to be out done on the AoS side Abraxia, Spear of the Everchosen showed up big time! This miniature is AMAZING and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. As a fan of Chaos in the Mortal Realms, and one who’s already got a Varanguard army, I’m PUMPED for this one. I can’t wait to take this warlord out for a spin with her own Army of Renown and all the Varanguard I can squeeze in a list!

So Much Warhammer Skirmish!

Between Warcry, Underworlds, and Kill Team, there’s enough smaller scale battles to go around! Briar and Bone features two awesome looking Warcry Warbands. We’ve got corrupted Sylvaneth units which are a great spin on these miniatures. And we’ve also got “outcast” Ossiarch Bonereapers. I love the creativity that the miniature designers are giving these new kits.


And speaking of getting creative, the Underworlds Warband are wild! The Flesh-eater Courts are all “chef” themed. This is one kitchen staff you do not want to tick-off.

And perhaps even more delusional still are the new Brethren of the Bolt. These Sigmarite Cultists have be touched…by Lightning! No wonder they look like they have a few wires crossed.

And then jumping over to Kill Team we’ve got Genestealer Cult vs the Leagues of Votann in a crazy clash. Kill Team: Termination expands the roster of the Leagues of Votann with a new unit called Hernkyn Yaegirs. These guys look rad with their trench coats and serious firepower.


As for the Genestealer Cult, I love the new Brood Brothers! GW took the new Astra Militarum Cadians and basically gave them an infusion of Genestealer Cult bits. It’s looks fantastic and I really hope we see BOTH of these units get independent releases for 40k. A whole GSC Army made from Brood Brothers in new uniforms sounds awesome. Also, I love the paint scheme they used. The Black/Grey and Red looks sharp.

Old World Dwarfs Return!

Hail to the King — The Dwarf King! That’s right Old World fans, the Dwarfs are back, ticked off, and full of Grudges to unload. There’s a few new plastic kits, releases of old plastic kits, and a slew of returning metal and resin kits, too. And to kickstart the whole affair a new Dwarf Army Box is inbound as well.

It’s time to rouse your Dwarf warriors once again to the tabletop as the Dwarfen Mountain Holds are coming to play!

Two Teases For Two Systems

Games Workshop also had two cheeky teasers for us all during the show. The first was for The Horus Heresy. It sure seems like the Mechanicus is coming to play. It makes sense, too. We’ve already had a major focus on Adeptus Astartes Legions for both Loyalist and Traitors. We’re in the middle/tail-end of the Solar Auxilia getting a bunch of great new kits. And coming soon we’re gonna see some new Adeptus Mechanicus coming from Mars. It fits! They are kind of the third pillar for The Horus Heresy that fought on both sides of the conflict. I can’t wait to see which miniatures GW has been working on.


On the other end of the timeline we also got a teaser from Necromunda. We have a new logo for the game and also those silhouettes from the thumbnail above. Is this a new force rising up? Maybe a coalition of gangers? Or maybe it’s something coming down from the top of the spire to play in the depths below…We’ll have to wait and find out. Until then let us know what you think it could be in the comments!

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – 4th Edition Coming Summer 2024

And finally we’ve got the major announcement that everyone was waiting on: A new edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is coming Summer 2024! We took some notes from the developer chat and we’re looking forward to what GW has planned. This isn’t just a minor update either. It’s a complete update from the ground-up. It’s going to be whole new game with some seismic shifts in the core rules. We don’t have all the details but the key takeaways are that the game will play faster and smoother. But there’s still going to be that tactical depth and objective based gameplay that drives the drama and action.

The story also kicks off with the end of the Dawnbringers Crusade and the arrival of a massive Skaven invasion. So expect a TON of new Skaven for the new edition. Furthermore, all those Armies of Renown that were released for Dawnbringers will be a part of the new edition, too.

We’re also getting Spearhead — which is a new format to play. Personally, I’m getting a lot of Combat Patrol vibes from 40k for this mode. That’s not a bad thing! We’ll see how this roll out goes.



Let us know what your favorite reveal was from AdeptiCon 2024!

Author: Adam Harrison
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