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Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo – Go Go Godzilla Closet Cosplay!

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Apr 4 2024

Pick up a train and a mini-Kong as you wade to Theaters for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire in this Godzilla closet cosplay!

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for breathlessly—the most colossal bromance is finally confirmed. That’s right- Godzilla and Kong are teaming up to take on the challenges in the newest installment of this Kaiju classic’s story development. Gear up and get on your comfies, it’s time to talk kaiju!

I’m a huge fan of the kaiju films and lore of Japan. The community around them and the dedication to each character are astonishing and heartwarming. The community makes you feel like you’re PART of something when you share your love of these characters. That love is translated to the big screen with this wildly successful chapter of Godzilla’s story. We’re pulling our comfies out of the closet for this one, folks. It’s time to get kaiju comfy.

Godzilla Closet Cosplay: The Onesie

If you’re gonna go see a Kaiju film, you might as well be comfortable. You can take a blanket to the theater, or you can be EXTRA and show your commitment to Toho’s masterpiece character. This one is footless, so you can wear your sneakers too.

Another great option for a onesie version of the closet cosplay is this. There isn’t an EXACT Godzilla onesie on Amazon that I’ve found, but it’s a casual cosplay for a reason! Throw this guy on and get to rockin’.

The Godzilla Closet Cosplay: The Inflatable Suit

Hard on top and squishy on the bottom, this Godzilla is ready to go anywhere. You can take the mask off for the movie and still have your cosplay easy to slip on. It’s the perfect casual cosplay!


The Godzilla Closet Cosplay: Godzilla and Kong Figures

A hilarious thought is carrying around a little Godzilla or Kong figure or stuffie at the theater. I can say that officially because I’ve done it with my Mothra figure. Be the coolest kid at the show when you show up with these!

Godzilla Closet Cosplay Alternatives: The Dino Suit

For a little costuming variety, stand out in the crowd by going a bit differently. Show up in a dino onesie and you’ll stop them in their tracks, and offer a little visual variety at your next Godzillafest.

Kong Closet Cosplay

If you’re not into lizards, why not represent Team Terrestrian? This Kong costume is hilarious and would be fun (and warm) to wear to the movies. Throw some hands at Godzilla in this Kong costume!


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Godzilla Kong GIF by Warner Bros. Pictures

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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