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Age of Sigmar: Skaven Jezzails Get A New Look

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May 6 2024

Well, well, well. Look which Skaven unit is getting a new updated miniature for the new edition. The Skaven Jezzails are returning!

Games Workshop had announced a bunch of miniatures were leaving the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar range. One of those units was the Skaven Jezzails. However, with the new edition right around the corner, I had a funny feeling we’d be seeing them again rather quickly. Today, GW is showcasing the new miniatures and they are certainly an update.

via Warhammer Community

“Skaven have been lacerating their enemies in salvos of lethal warpstone since the earliest days of Warhammer. These arcane jezzail teams have paired up in an uncharacteristic display of ratty teamwork for decades – one a sniper, the other a willing shoulder, coming together to launch searing hot lumps of toxic shot at their enemies.”

Skaven Jezzails

The Jezzails are an icon unit for the Skaven. It’s right up there with Warp Lightning Cannons and the Screaming Bell in my mind. The current range of Jezzails has been in service for quite a long run so it’s good to see them finally get the update they deserve.


From the looks of things we’re getting at least three different sculpts for the new unit. Furthermore, this isn’t the only teaser for the unit from GW today. We also get a look at their rules:

“Jezzails are pretty nasty in this edition – Wounding on 3+, they get 2 Attacks dealing 2 Damage each with 2 Rend, and their Warpstone Snipers action grants them +1 to Hit if they don’t move. No Stormcast Eternal, no matter how ornate their armour, nor grim their purpose, is safe from these fizzing fusillades.”

We also know how the Jezzails will be even nastier with the help of a Skaven Warlock Engineer close by, too.


This is going to be a deadly one-two combo that should worry most infantry characters in the game. I have a funny feeling the Warlock Engineers and Jezzails are going to be a very high priority target for enemy generals in the new edition.


Take that Ratling Snipers!

Author: Adam Harrison
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