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Fight For the Nora With an Aloy ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Closet Cosplay

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May 16 2024

We’re on the hunt for the best club-worthy Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn closet cosplay!

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s heroine Aloy of the Nora is a character for the history books. Her story is one of struggle and inquiry, invention and courage. Her story continues to unfold through the Guerrilla Games’ installments, and we can’t get enough. Since the game features styles assembled from accessories of bygone eras, I thought it’d be fun to do the same with an Aloy closet cosplay!

In the first game, Aloy begins as an outcast of the fierce indigenous Nora peoples, known for their hunting and craftsmanship. As Aloy ventures out into the wilds, she takes her people’s neutral fabrics and weathered instruments to aide her. For this closet cosplay, we’re taking the feel of Aloy’s heritage and Nora clothing shapes, dressing them up for a night out!

Horizon Zero Dawn Closet Cosplay: The Top

Since the Nora are known for their knitting and weaving, I thought a knitted top would be a beautiful not to that skill. The game also makes many references to the sun as a source of power, so this is a cute little detail. The beads also drive home the naturalistic element. For your own cosplay, have fun playing with fabrics, shades, lines, and details. Consider layering multiple tops and different shoulder lines… Go wild!

If you like shimmery tops, consider a top with bling. This one mimics the angled lines, adding crystal beads to give it that edge of gloss. For your own version, consider whether to bring in other colors or references here. Feathers to mimic the arrows? Braided trim? Maybe even a little more bling.

Aloy Closet Cosplay: The Skirt

I’m a big fan of suede and leather in clothing. There’s something beautiful about respecting animals by using every bit of them rather than wasting so much as we often do in our society. It would be interesting to assemble the skirting from recycled materials. Draping some fabric pieces and layering them together is a great way to start, filling in details with other scraps as you go.

Horizon Zero Dawn Closet Cosplay: The Boots

I had a bit of fun with these. I’m not big on furry boots unless they’re for a practical purpose, but Aloy gives a perfect excuse to get your early aught’s club vibes on. Move that body like a cyclone, baby!

Aloy Closet Cosplay: The Jewelry

I love the turquoise and blue beading that Aloy wears. The reds and browns are rich and warm, with the stones providing just a hint of optimism. For this clubby look, layering several necklaces or scarves can recreate that look in an elevated way!

Horizon Zero Dawn Closet Cosplay: The Bracers

To tie the whole look together, these bracelets remind me of the fire flowers that help heal and provide blaze for weapons. These gorgeous bangles are woven as well, another nod to the craftsmanship of the Nora. Plus, who doesn’t adore a statement piece?

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy GIF - HorizonZeroDawn Aloy ImFlattered - Discover &  Share GIFs

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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