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This ‘Valorant’ Closet Cosplay is as Undefeated as XG’s Music

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May 30 2024

ALPHAZ assemble for the First Howl in an X-Pop fueled XG closet cosplay, inspired by the collab with Riot Games and XGALX!

Riot Games has erased any lines between popular music culture and video games with their studio collaborations. Over the years we’ve seen the League of Legends giants dream up Metal and K-Pop bands from their characters. (Remember the WILDLY popular K/DA?!) They’ve done it again for the Valorant Champions Tour Pacific- a mega collab with the out-of-this-world stars of X-Pop: XG!

XG Members Harvey, Juria, Hinata, Cocona, Chisa, Jurin, and Maya, supporting their “Woke Up” release. Image courtesy of XGALX

For those unfamiliar, Riot Games has a stellar record of collaborating with some mega artists to release songs to support their e-sports tournament series. They’ve turned to the stars for their next collab. XG is a Japan based group taking the music world by STORM. Their music is gritty and edgy, boasting bars-filled beats that “keep you on your tippy toes.” These superbeings are “seven supa dupa fly aliens ’bout to change the game,” and we’re celebrating them.

For this Valorant/XG-inspired cosplay, we’ll blend the cyberpunk style and XG’s own unique blend of street/tech wear, 90’s R&B, and rap culture together. The result will be something worth stomping around the streets of Tokyo in, beating your chest like Gojira!

Valorant Closet Cosplay: Techwear Top

To me, a cyberpunk cosplay or an X-Pop concert look is all about clever layering. This aesthetic thrives with multiple layers of shirts, belts, skirts, fabrics… Anything to add visual interest! I started with a cropped hoodie for this look, which is really popular in places like Japan and Korea.

Techwear, or clothing that has some technology in it or that made it, is also popular. Try playing with different colors and cuts. You can always crop the bottom of an old hoodie you don’t wear much, to give it new life!

Valorant Closet Cosplay: Cyberpunk Top

If you’re into something more fitted and sporty, the world of athleisure is your gig. Strong angles, bursts of color, and subtle peekaboo details bring the look to the next level. You can always bust those scissors our and do it yourself!

Valorant Closet Cosplay: Techwear Pants

I chose a ballooned techwear pant for this. I’ve also seen several K-Pop and X-Pop music videos recently with what look STARTLINGLY like the Tripp bondage pants I used to wear in middle school, so… As with all fashion, what’s old is new again! Dig deep into those closets, folks. ’80’s fashion is back!

Valorant Closet Cosplay: The Shoes

For a fun and functional pop of color, I went for a retro-style sneaker. This look can take a sneaker or a combat boot, or even a heel if you wanna go wild. The important thing is to pick something that makes a statement and that you’re comfortable running in!

Valorant Closet Cosplay: Futuristic Headwear

I had to throw in ONE over the top idea, right? This look can be finished off with belts, fabrics, an outer skirting layer… anything you like. I really wanted to drive home the video game and tech emphasis here, so went with the horns!

XG Official GIFs on GIPHY - Be Animated

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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