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This Ultimate Marvel Wasp Cosplay Will Give You Wings

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Jun 14 2024

Janet Van Dyne is back and bigger than ever in this gorgeous Wasp cosplay.

Though Ant-Man is the insect with the movie title, it’s arguably Janet Van Dyne’s dry witticisms that make the Ant-Man movies fly. Cosplayer Sara Moni has hyper-focused her skills to create a cosplay lighter than air and twice as sharp!

Ultimate Wasp cosplay by Sara Moni

Sara Moni rocks the pixie cut and sassy demeanor of The Wasp. Her waifish frame gives a bit of mischief to the character, who could just as easily step out of the comics as a fae garden. The wings are a particularly clever touch and are just… gorgeous.

Ultimate Wasp Cosplay with permission by Sara Moni

“When you’re small, energy’s compressed, so you have the force of a 200-pound man behind a fist a 100th of an inch wide. You’re like a bullet. If you punch too hard, you kill someone. Too soft, it’s a love tap. In other words, you have to know how to punch.”

Ultimate Wasp cosplay by Sara Moni

“This is not who you are; it’s the particles altering your brain chemistry.”

“He’s programmed to follow your daily routine—nine hours of sleep, five hours in front of the TV, two hours in the bathroom, whatever that’s about…”

Ultimate Wasp cosplay by Sara Moni

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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