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HOBBY: Magical Effects – WFB Skullstorm

I have been wanting to make this model for awhile now, pretty much ever since I saw the Balewind Vortex after I started playing Tomb Kings. There is just something about creating a visual element for the action elements of our games, from explosions to spells, that takes them to the next level. For those […]

HOBBY TUTORIAL: Painting Mummified Skin

Today I break down how I paint the skin on mummified warriors. Grab a paintbrush and follow along! With the recent release of the Undead Legions this seems even more relevant then usual, now that two armies can take a Tomb King or Liche Priest as an option. This is a completely different method then […]

WFB: FEAR Nagash’s New TK & VC Army!

Let my legions pour forth and consume this world! Nagash had brought Warhammer Fantasy an entirely new army to play.  But how scary is it? Hey guys, just a quick article here about how I’m going to incorporate some of the new Undead Legions rules to my existing Vampire Counts army. The Big ChangesHere are […]

First Look Unboxing – Morghasts & Spirit Hosts

The Armies of the End Times are amassing, and now we have two great new units for using with Nagash! New this week are the Morhghasts and Spirit Host kits. Most hobbyists seem to really dig the new styling of the Nagash models, and the Morghasts are no different. These new models feature the same great […]

Fantasy Review – Nagash the End Times

  In the grim dark past, death stalks the Olde World, because in this book all seems lost for the heroic forces of man, elf and dwarf. The Nagash End of Times book is actually two books inside a nice slip case. Book I is a nicely laid out 300 page book detailing Nagash’s current rise […]

NEW STUFF: Nagash Week 3 Morghasts & More Arrive!

It’s the last week of Nagash befor ethe great unknown – and The Great Necromancer is going out with a bang: Morghast Harbingers/Archai $59 Once they were known as hammurai, the winged heralds of Ptra, God of light, who were sent to destroy the Great Necromancer. When they failed, Nagash took their ruined corpses and […]

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NEW MINIS! Nagash’s Morghasts Spotted

Welcome back from Labor Day – Nagash has a present for you! Check out this weekend’s undead goodies! via Wojna and La Taberna:Coming up we have: – Morghast Archai/Harbingers €47 These are two minis per box. These represent warriors of the god Ptra, defeated by Nagash, and revived by her evil sorcery. Archai represent warriors used […]

Mortarchs: The Movie by GW

GW shows off their new Mortarchs combo kit- and it is a real beauty!  Don’t miss these closeups. Ohh, look at that cinematography.  The depth of field, the pans, the closeups.  Someone at GW is having a great time with their camera. I think Neferata is the best of the three.  The eyeless armor for […]

Nagash: The Movie by GW

GW MovieStar Duncan Rhodes shows the right proper GW way to paint up the impressive new Nagash model! There are some pretty neat tricks and techniques going in in these. I have to say that GW is really doing a good job with these painting tutorial videos. They are a great introduction for beginners and […]

Warhammer Nagash: Black Library Shows Some Leg

The first volume of the End Times is almost here and it is looking beautiful.  Check out the pretty pictures from Black Library! via Black Library Warhammer: Nagash $84.99 (iBook edition)The End Times have begun – dark forces long dormant stir once more to bring about the unmaking of the world. In the frozen north […]

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