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The man behind HERO's Gaming Blog. Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

40K: Drukhari List Building Advice

HERO 5 Minute Read April 27

Alright everyone, this is the long-awaited guide for how to build Kabal and Cult lists with the new book.  This is my personal advice for building lists and I know the book is still super young, but bear with me, and we’ll learn how to put together lists that will wreck shop.

40K: Drukhari Movement Tips & Tricks

HERO 11 Minute Read April 19

This is a quick article on some tips and tricks when it comes to vehicle-heavy play.  As you can see in a lot of my lists, it has a lot to do with vehicles.  However, in order for DE players to get the most out of their vehicles and the units inside them, you have […]

40K: Drukhari HQ Powerful Builds

HERO 6 Minute Read April 18

HERO returns with a few choice Drukhari HQ options that just might tip the tides of battle in your next game. Come see his picks for Powerful HQ Builds for the Drukhari.

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