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INTERVIEW: Mack Martin Talks DUST Warfare (video)

Fantasy Flight Games designer Mack Martin talks DUST Warfare rules with BoLS. We had a chance to get in some video time with co-designer Mack Martin at WargamesCon 2012. Lets get to it. ~It really is a fantastic ruleset and you should check it out.  More DUST content here.

DUST Warfare: Core Rulebook Review (Video)

So you’ve been hearing a lot about DUST Warfare – lets take a look at the core rulebook from Fantasy Flight Games. We’ve been giving DUST Warfare a lot of coverage of late.  Lets take a detailed look at the core rulebook and see what makes this game tick. Have at it folks. Also, there […]

Outside the Box 07-27-12

Tabletop Fix 3 Minute Read July 27

   And here we go with another issue of Outside the Box This week we have shiny newstuff from Warlord Miniatures, Titan Forge, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic Games, Kromlech, GCT Studio, Fantasy Flight Games, Spartan Games, Kabuki Models and Zenit Miniatures. Enjoy!Warlord Games Napoleonic French Line Infantry This week we have new army deals for ancient Celts, the […]

Outside the Box 07-20-12

Tabletop Fix 4 Minute Read July 20

   Welcome to another new issue of Outside the Box This week we have news form Warlord Miniatures, Titan Forge, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic Games, Scibor Miniatures, GCT Studio, Fantasy Flight Games, Infinity, Victoria Miniatures and Gamecraft Miniatures. Enjoy!Warlord Games  Again so much to report! First, Warlord Game sis now exclusive distributor of Conquest Games’ French-Indian War […]

Outside the Box – 05-18-12

Tabletop Fix 3 Minute Read May 18

   Hello again, this week we have news from Warlord Games, Bushido, Spartan Games, Taban Miniatures, Mantic Games, Raging Heroes, DUST Warfare and Guild of Harmony. Enjoy! Warlord Games  This week we Kushites fo Hail Caesar and new Belgians and SAS for the Bolt Action range:    Oh, and Pixies: –> More Warlord Games News  […]


Larry Vela 2 Minute Read May 14

We are happy to announce special guest Mack Martin – co designer of DUST Warfare will be at WarGamesCon2012! Mack will be onsite the entire event, demoing DUST Warfare on a custom table in the main hall with two fantastic armies.  He will also be giving a 30 minutes Q&A session about all things DUST […]

Outside the Box 04-20-12

Tabletop Fix 3 Minute Read April 20

   Another week, another issue of Outside the Box! Thi stime with Warlord Games,  Bushido, Spartan Games, Wyrd Minaitures, Infinity, Daust Warfare, Raging Heroes and Taban Miniatures! Warlord Games Newsletter came early this week, therefore there are even more news from Warlord Games than usual! We got more ancient Assyrians and Greek, new WWII vehicles […]

NEWS: FFG Grabs the Star Wars License

Well, well, well… Look who just picked up the Star Wars license and unrolled their first miniatures game.  Fantasy Flight Games has been busy.  Check out this video from Gencon.  Star Wars and DUST Warfare stuff starts at 2:30 ~So, its hard to think of Sci-Fi licenses that are potent enough to level the playing […]