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40K RUMORS: Chaos Approaches

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read July 17

If you stare into the night sky, you can almost see the Eye of Terror opening wide. Here’s the latest on the Chaos Space Marines. via Skcuzzlebumm -Release date: September 1st -Hard back-There is an Eye of the Gods-like table ~like the WFB  Warriors of Chaos table.You get to roll on whenever a character kills […]

40K RUMORS: Scraps of Chaos

Yet more drips and drabs on Codex Chaos Space Marines.  You know you want to know… In no particular order, the Bothan survivors report: Codex author is Phil Kelly ~Whew…Chaos Cultists are available in blob squads into the thirties… Certain Named Characters grant various USRs and other special rules to Cultists when selected. ~Hmm, that […]

40K RUMORS: Chaos Legions Update

Something wicked this way comes… Here the latest scuttlebutt doing the rounds on the Traitor Legions. via theDarkGeneral -The new codex is squarely focused on the original 9 Traitor Legions and their factions. More recent renegade chapters (like the Red Corsairs) may get the cold shoulder. -Chaos to get a form of Preferred Enemy on […]

40K Rumors: Chaos Legions on the March

Another week, and the steady drip, drip, drip continues.  Here’s the latest on the Warhammer 40k’s Dread Chaos Legions… via the Dude – Codex is finished and should be leaving the printers shortly for warehousing ahead of distribution in the next couple of months. – Four waves of miniature releases planned. – Mark-specific vehicle upgrades […]

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