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40K Op-Ed: Yet Another Attempt to Redefine Slaanesh

Guest Writer Steven C. Plagman is back with another idea on how to ‘fix’ Slaanesh for Mass Appeal. And it really could work!

40K: Drukhari List Building Advice

Alright everyone, this is the long-awaited guide for how to build Kabal and Cult lists with the new book.  This is my personal advice for building lists and I know the book is still super young, but bear with me, and we’ll learn how to put together lists that will wreck shop.

After Fighting An Infinity War, What Would The Avengers Play?

Avengers Infinity War is in Theatres today–you’re probably waiting in line to see it for the second or third time by now, so instead of answering movie theatre trivia (question 3 is Gary Oldman, by the way), why not figure out what D&D class the Avengers would play?

Pimpcron: Win at 40k = Win at Life

  Listen to this robot, he’s got a couple of millennia on you. Stop Procrastinating and just DO IT gamers!

40k Editorial: Post FAQ – Man Up and Cope

Well well, GW finally released the promised FAQ last week and from everything I’ve read opinions are quite mixed – it wasn’t the big slam dunk in  overall player base reaction… indeed far from it.

40K: Drukhari Archon Bubbles and Vehicle Deployment

Drukhari Archons have powerful auras. And key to victory in 8th Edition is your ability to wrap your units in them. Today’s article helps package your vehicles in an aura of victory.

40K: How Your Army Was Affected By the FAQ – Part 2

  The Big FAQ 1 has shaken up the meta and armies have risen and fallen. Let’s take a look at how it affected each army.

40K: Extending Threat with Drukhari Obsidian Rose

The Drukhari ability to mix and match detachments can give you access to some pretty powerful combos that can change the way you build and play your army.  Take a look.

40K: Summoning Daemons – Obsolete or Useful?

  If you’re a Chaos player like myself, since 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 dropped, you’ve had to wonder — is the Daemonic Ritual (summoning daemons) mechanic even worth it anymore?

40K Grognard: Drunk on Your Salty Tears of FAQ Woe

Hey everyone! Adam, from TFG Radio, here to stuff your ear holes with nuggets of words from my brain pan.

How To Properly Teach Someone A Game

  Whether it’s Shoots n’ Ladders or Twilight Imperium, Necromunda or Warhammer 40k at some point, you’re going to have to teach someone to play something easy and something difficult.

AoS: Volturnos High King Of The Deep First Among Deepkin

The High King of the Idoneth Deepkin, Volturnos, is the first of the elves to be created from the souls stolen from bound Slaanesh. He’s been around since the beginning of the Deepkin, and has seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

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