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Shadow War & Necromunda Cross-play

Are Shadow War: Armageddon and Necromunda:Underhive Cross-Compatible?

GW: New Releases May 6th “Pricing & Links”

A new Shadow War: Armageddon Rulebook and a whole bunch of floating dwarfs arrive this week from Games Workshop

40K: Shadow War: Armageddon FAQ & Errata

There is a new Shadow War: Armageddon book on the way and an official GW FAQ & Errata to boot – check it out!

Sly Marbo Returns – With Rules!

Everyone’s favorite guardsman and two Imperial Assassins arrive in Shadow War Armagaddon – you need to see these rules!

40K: Shadow War Multiplayer Mayhem

Games Workshop has put out a FREE new scenario for playing Multiplayer Games of Shadow War: Armageddon.

GW: New Releases April 22nd “First Looks”

The next wave of Kharadron Overlords is on the horizon. Plus an expanded Shadow War book is inbound!

GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED

LOOK! Up in the sky! It’s even more steampunk Dwarfs – in airships…and they’re well armed! Also, the Grimdark Returns!

Shadow War On The Brain & 3 Special Guests – FTN

This is a 2 hour jam packed episode!  We continue with our Shadow War and Adepticon coverage – with Reece Robbins & more!

40K: Sector Mechanicus Rules Too Much?

The new Sector Mechanicus Kits from GW are fantastic – but did we really need it to be so “Volatile” as cover?

GW Releases, 40K Women, D&D Shockers & More

What a weekend! Shadow Wars, Grimdark Women, one surprising D&D writer , Warmachine hobby and some GW advice.

40K: Enhanced Shadow Wars Rulebook Coming!

GW is working overtime on a new enhanced version of the Shadow Wars Armageddon rulebook. It’s coming very soon.

Shadow Wars: GW, You Owe Us A Penalty Kick

Stormcaller is back with some feed back for Games Workshop in regards the Shadow War: Armageddon roll-out.

What's New