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Tabletop Gallery: Patience is a Virtue

2019 is only 7 months away…

BREAKING: New Sisters of Battle Mini Revealed

GW is on a tear at Warhammer Fest. Take a look at the upcoming Plastic Sisters of Battle range:

Pimpcron: Our Demands For Plastic Sisters of Battle

Now that GW is listening, it’s our time to lay it all out for them.

40K Op-ed: What Plastic Sisters Might Really Mean

The shocking announcement that plastic Sisters of Battle are coming might mean more things than one.

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Illisia Cosplay

We’re featuring a Cosplayer who portrays a wide array of strong heroines in her work!

Cosplay Construction Spotlight: An Inquisitor’s Hat

  Nobody expects the Inquisition: Lets explore the leatherwork creation process of JAFantasyArt’s Inquisitor Adrastia!

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: JAfantasyArt

This week we’re featuring an exquisite leather crafter and cosplay creator!

Dark Apocrypha: Chaos Codex Celebration Cavalcade and Carnival

Come join the BoLS Crew as we take the Chaos Daemons Codex and pit it against three different armies to show you how it holds up.

Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Eda Karadogan

We’re starting the year off with a fierce Sisters of Battle Cosplayer!  

40K Lore: The Orders Militant

Lore Masters, it’s time to look into the The Orders Militant – aka the Sisters of Battle!

Dark Apocrypha: Imperial Inquisition – Expect the Unexpected

Their chief weapon is surprise… surprise and fear and–look, everyone should ALWAYS expect the Inquisition.

Weekend Re-streaming: Nuns and Guns and Chaos and More

This week on BoLS TV: Martyrs and Mayhem, Winning Wizards, Dungeons and Dragons

What's New