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40K NEWS: Tyranid and Blood Angel FAQS Up!

Jun 30 2010

Get em while thier hot!  Games Workshop just put up the latest Tyranid and Blood Angel FAQs.  Lots of thorny issues get addressed… like Doom of Malan’tai stuff… More after the jump:

Blood Angel FAQ

Tyranids FAQ

I think the biggest change is the new formatting of the entire docs.  They seem cleaner with more precise questions and answers, and are listed as official erratas and FAQs now. It also helps that many of the most divisive questions are addressed.

~Well, well, well, a bit of a neutering of the Doom’s ability, along with some Mawloc improvements.  For Blood Angels opponents watch out, those Magna-grapples can cause all kinds of tank shocking shenanigans now!  Have at it guys! 

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