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40k – 7th Inspirations – Unlocking Our Dream Armies!

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Jun 4 2014

Some armies are just too awesome not to exist… But the magic of 7th Edition makes miracles possible!

Badrukk here, with more musings brought on by the squig-brain implant. BLOG plug incoming.
I was mulling over a modified version of Kill-Team I’m working on, and I found myself throwing together lists for armies that are now dead and gone.

Then I realised they could ALL now be done using the 7th ed rules and set about working out how I’d do it.

Obviously I had to share one!

Yeah, we all love them, they’re nasty nasty guys.
Here’s a potted history thanks to Lexicanum:

The Adeptus Custodes are the guardians of the Imperial Palace and the Golden Throne, as well as being the personal bodyguard to the Emperor. A small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor’s personal bodyguard and never leave his side. Due to the vast size of the Imperial Palace, the Custodes always act as a defensive army. As of M41 the Custodes themselves never leaveTerra, and only rarely leave the Palace.
It is the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when.

So here’s my way of using unbound to bring them to life.
The idea here being that we can make units with 2+ saves (where possible), bolters (or similar), FNP and excellent stats / USRs, because these guys are the elite of the elite.

Core Army
Black Templars
Crusader and Psychic resistance, that sounds Custodes to me ­čÖé

Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Space Wolves

Emperor’s Champion
Fearless, good at challenging and splattering, sounds good.

Astorath The Grim
Much like the Champ he has 2+ and an Inv, plus a shiny weapon. And he massively increases the chance (1/6 becomes 1/2) of furious charging AND fearless for any Blood Angels in his detachment, which makes them more custodes level nasty as far as I’m concerned.

Buffed Power Weapon and Bolter, and we need a terminator commander for the whole thing to work out.


Dane and Sanguinor MAYBES – they’re maybes because while they’ve got the gear I’m not 100% on whether they belong.

Custodes Components
Honour Guard
There’s no limitations on how many you can have in unbound, so these make the perfect “Troops” choice. And a bit of wiggle, thanks to small units, also lets us use them for other things. A Relic Blade and Boltgun combo make a good Custodes Halberd too.

Sanguinary Guard
Great assault custodes, and again they’ve got a bolter / power weapon combo that’ll give us the halberd.

Terminator Armor, with improved power weapons and guns on the same model.
Plus with access to other toys, a lot of pictures have them with claws afterall.

Sanguinary Priests
Apothecaries with access to all the gear we need to put them in any unit we desire.

So here’s a few units you could use for a list;
“Tactical” Squads (10 man)
->9 Honour Guard with Champion
    ->Relic Blades
     Sanguinary Priest
     -> Storm Bolter, Power Weapon (Spear?)  

Assault Squads (6 Man)
-> Sanguinary Guard
     -> Death Masks
     Sanguinary Priest
     -> Jump Pack, Storm Bolter, Power Weapon (Spear?)


Terminator Squads (10 Man)
-> 9 Wolfguard Terminators
     -> Frostblades and Storm Bolters
          Paired Wolfclaws
          1x Cyclone
      Sanguinary Priest
     -> Terminator

So there they are, my take on how to throw these units onto the table.
Contemptors and other Forgeworld stuff neatly fill the gaps.

Now obviously this is just me spitballing, but I know a lot of you out there are coming up with similar stuff.

So plan, build and have fun ­čÖé

Arbites, Genestealer Cult, Deathwatch, Harlequins, Lost and the Damned, Blood Pact and Mechanicus.
To name but a few. They’re all game legal now, so do it if you want to because you can!
Peace Ya’ll, Badrukk.

What now possible fluff army will you be building?

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