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This Week’s Podcasts 3/14-3/20

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Mar 22 2015
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Hey everybody, Bahkara here with this week’s recommended podcasts.

Heelanhammer Episode 126 – Dan talks with the winner of the US Warhammer Fantasy Masters tournament. An enjoyable conversation where they talk about his game, where the game may be headed and the Swiss Comp system.

Imperial Vox Cast Episode 124 – This episode is Part 1 of a 2-parter Live Podcast panel from the Las Vegas Open. Part 2 is with the Life After the Cover Save podcast. Both episodes are very fun and informative if you are thinking of starting a podcast yourself.


Life After the Cover Save Episode 136 – Part 2 of the Las Vegas Open Live podcast.

The 11th Company Episode 220 – Late episode as the guys talk about their LVO experience and go over the Harlequin codex Tournament stories are always great. If anything, I would recommend listening to Eric’s segment about the mind game aspect of 40K. I found it very informative and enlightening.

The Independent Characters Episode 120 – Joined by Jason(The Overlords Podcast) and Michael Dunsmore, the group talks 30K. I loved this episode because it comes at a good time for me. I am about to step into the world of 30K and this episode talks about the different ways to get into the game. Some of the topics include the different armies available, how to choose an army book to start with and the different ways to build your army. A must listen if you have any inclination to dip your toe into 30K.

…and the rest!

Signals from the Frontline – Always a good listen for new and rumors on 40K and other games in the industry.

Allies of Convenience Episode 11 – Another look at the Harlie codex and a tourney report from the Battlefield Birmingham tournament. Good episode however there is a point where someone breathing into a microphone detracts from the conversation. Still worth a listen if you don’t mind it.


Masters of the Forge Episode 24 – Short episode where they talk about getting ready for Adepticon and an addendum to their previous episode about Rogue Traders in the 40K universe.

The Eye of Horus Episode 4 – Talk with guest, Nate, from Age of Darkness, Discuss news and a recent 30K game.

The Imperial Truth Episode 17 – Talk with Chris from Scattershot painting about the business and with Dylan Mosely, the TO from the Las Vegas Open’s 30K Tournament. I was particularly interested in the interview with Dylan as I am slowly building my 30K army and plan to play in the event next year.

The Wolfkin Episode 41 – If you haven’t already downloaded this episode I do not recommend it. 14 minutes long and is similar to listening to someone that left their phone on after they thought they hung up. In my opinion, it would have been better just to skip this week to put out a better product next week. Hopefully it will pick back up with the next episode.

As always give my podcast, TFG Radio, a listen. We talk 40K mainly but delve into other game systems, along with references that most people under the age of 25 won’t get.

Have a different opinion? I don’t list all the podcasts I listen to, but is there a podcast that you think I should give a try? I’m always open to new podcasts so just let me know!


Author: Adam Solis
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