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Warmachine First Look: Forces of Distinction

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Jun 12 2015
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Forces of Distinction Cover


Theme lists in one easy to find place? Yes, PLEASE – Check this out!

BoLS got a chance to sit down and skim through the book. Check out our quick video tour:


Forces of Distinction $19.99

No Quarter Presents: Forces of Distinction compiles all the “Forces of Distinction” articles from No Quarter magazine through issue #56 in one volume—over thirty theme forces with original fiction. No Quarter Presents: Forces of Distinction also includes two all-new theme forces unique to this product.

Release Date: Jun 17th 2015

It’s a high quality repackaged collection of a ton of theme forces that have even more original fiction. If you’re a fan, collector or a hardcore player you definitely want to get your hands on this book!


Easy-to-store, Easy-to-reference, All-in-one Theme Force compilation! What’s not to like?


Author: Adam Harrison