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GenCon 2016 – Day Two Photos & Video

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Aug 6 2016


Day two is done… we’ve got X-Wing Wave X pics!

fw exclusives gencon

GenCon exclusive models from Forge World

mastodon fw gencon

Yes, the Mastodon is really *that* huge.

gencon pathfinder room

The Pathfinder playing hall is giant – the banners are from past GenCons… and in motion:


#pathfinder at #gencon2016 – holy cow!

A video posted by Bell of Lost Souls (@belloflostsouls) on



the others cmon box

The Others from CMON

glacier giant privateer gencon

Glacier King in the display case at the Privateer booth

red veil infinity gencon

Brand new ‘Operation Red Veil’ set for Infinity

jabba ffg gencon

Jabba’s Realm – new expansion for Imperial Assault from FFG

jabba model ffg gencon

The Hutt Himself


 xwing gencon

Sabine’s TIE Fighter!

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Are you at GenCon? What’s been your favorite thing so far?

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