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40K: 8th Ed. Rumors – “General’s Handbook”

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Dec 2 2016


Another Rumormonger is back with more info on the “General’s Handbook” for Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition.

We’ve been hearing snippets of upcoming things for 8th Edition and one of the things that keeps coming back is this info about a 40k “General’s Handbook” – and now we have another source chiming in:

via an oldtime rumormonger

-The 8th Editions “General’s Handbook” will be more a mix of the old 40k and AoS’ Generals Handbook
-There will be more than only 4 pages of core rules
-Book is divided like in AoS in chapters like “the rules”, army list ect.
-Like AoS three methods to play the game
-The chapter about playing the game is a very large and important part of the book
-The chapter will have a section about “historical” gaming
-The game will cover the last 10,000 years of 40k History
-8th Edition starter is Astartes vs Chaos Marines.
-Rulebook will be similar to Age of Sigmar’s General’s Handbook.
-Look for Campaign Books similar to the Realmgate Wars series.
-Point costs and rules for Army construction will be in the “General’s Handbook” and future codex-like Books
-Release date for 8th Edition is June
-The new Edition will be set after Abaddons’s 13th Black Crusade
-Initial focus on factions will be on Imperium vs. Chaos
-There are brewing disagreement between the returning Primarchs
-Many are shocked and disagree the 40th Millennia Imperium’s religion and injustice.
And the previous rumors were heavy on what the rule set would be like:
  • GW is borrowing some rules mechanics form Age of Sigmar to pull over into the new edition.
  • Look for an emphasis on ease of play, especially for new players.
  • Look for the variable-stats-based-on-damage rule mechanic seen on some Age of Sigmar monsters to make it’s way into the Grimdark.
  • Look for Psychics to be greatly simplified.
  • Army construction will not be constrained.
  • Some version of AoS Warscrolls will make their way into the game.
  • The game will retain it’s gameplay and tactical depth, and not come anywhere near AoS’s tiny 4 pages of rules.
  • GW’s design goal is to maintain 40K’s depth of tactics and play, while speeding up playtime and removing needless detail.



First Primarchs return, then something to do with Mars and now we have a General’s Handbook for 40k…8th Edition is looking like some BIG changes are coming. Are you ready?


We asked for 40k General’s Handbook – maybe they listened?


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