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Circle Orboros: Let’s Skew with the Storm Raptor

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Jan 24 2017


Today we look at how to make the new Storm Raptor skew in some weird combos for Circle of Orboros.

The Storm Raptor is one crazy electric chicken! It being not only a great model but, also great at some of the weirder synergies. It can shoot, it buffs electric attacks, and is fast with 3 high power attacks. The downside is its incredibly high point cost and a rather low MAT/RAT. Today I wanted to look at some synergies the electric chicken brings to the table to get most out of this great new model.


All That Lightning:

Circle actually has a decent amount of electric attacks now that MKIII has come around. Probably the most notable is Kruegar 1 and 2. Kruegar 1 has Forked lightning, lightning tendrils, as well as his ranged attack and feat. Kruegar 2 has 3 shots with his ranged attack. Both Kruegars have decent command range so you can get the most out of SkyFire. The relatively new unit Mist Riders all have chain lightning. With the skyfire animus up even ARM18 is not safe from damage. Remeber Skyfire is +2/+2 on attack and damage rolls for electric based attacks. This can help with low Magic skills or the average RAT of Kruegar.

Another model that has lightning as well is the Tharn Shaman. I am not sure if you want to include that many huge based models but the Celestial Fulcrum also has a boostable lightning gun. So, there is a decent selection of models that have electric attacks that can take advantage of SkyFire. Let us take a look at a list that could make use of all this electricity!

Circle Army – 75 / 75 points

(Krueger 1) Krueger the Stormwrath [+28]
– Storm Raptor [38]
– Woldwarden [16]
Druid Mist Riders (max) [20]
Celestial Fulcrum [19]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [5]
Sentry Stone & Mannikins [5]


Defense What?

The base defense 12 on a huge based model is crazy. Most jacks and beasts are going to need at least a 5 to hit. This is pretty substantial compared to the usual auto hit huge base models. Kaya2 though can get this to scary levels with the spell Forced Evolution. This makes not only the defense of the storm raptor crazy good at 14 but, also helps it in the POW department reducing the need to Primal.

What else can help the electric chicken defense? How about some star crossed. Throw your chicken into the zone with WrongEye sitting safe behind and watch your opponent realize how hard it will be to kill this thunder chicken.


The Chicken Charges HOW Far?

SPD7 is nothing to sneeze at. The Storm Raptor is very fast and it flies. Combined with gargantuan 2″ melee that is already a base charging threat of 12″ without buffs. Combine this with hunters mark you are hitting 14″. Finally, Kaya2 can make it obscene with Dog Pile to hit a 16″ threat.

Here is a list with best of both worlds : high defense and high threat range chicken!

Circle Army – 75 / 75 points

(Kaya 2) Kaya the Moonhunter [+24]
– Laris
– Storm Raptor [38]
– Feral Warpwolf [18]
Wrong Eye [17]
– Snapjaw
Blackclad Wayfarer [4]
Blackclad Wayfarer [4]
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew [2]
Tharn Bloodtrackers (max) [16]

Revenant’s Final Thought:

These are definitely some fun niche list to try out with the storm Raptor. It is an impressive model to play on the board and deserves to see some play time. The Storm Raptor surely can provide some unique list ideas for all of you toying with circle.
~Have any of you come out with a some great Storm Raptor tech? Please share in the comments below.

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