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Privateer: Fielding New 50pt Cryx & Circle Army Sets

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Jan 22 2017


Privateer staff walk you through some sample army builds to get the latest 50K army boxed sets kicking butt on the tabletop.

For many people, ringing in the New Year brings with it a strong desire to start something new. In recognition of that, we here at Privateer Press have worked up some new and exciting army boxes for WARMACHINE & HORDES that will be hitting retail shelves starting this month.

Each of these forthcoming army boxes contains a ready-to-play 50-point army, designed by the Privateer Press development team to provide a solid foundation for brand-new players, or for veterans who are interested in diving into a new faction. This month sees the release of army boxes for Cryx and Circle Orboros, both of which put powerful battlegroups front and center. But what better way to learn about these lists and the thought process behind them than hearing from the people who created them.

So I cornered my fellow Wills to provide insight on the lists they built for these limited edition armies.

The Cryx all-in-one army box definitely takes a new approach to starting a Cryx army. While Cryx is classically known for building armies with swarms of undead infantry or fast-striking Satyxis pirates, many of their casters are part of larger battlegroups in the new edition of WARMACHINE & HORDES. To emphasize this list-building potential, and to give new Cryx collectors a variety of models they will find useful in many of their army lists, we created the following 50-point army.


Asphyxious the Hellbringer +24 Warjack Points
–Inflictor – 13
–Seether – 13
–Ripjaw – 7
–Cankerworm – 9
–Darragh Wrathe – 9
–Bane Warriors – 17
–Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – 6

Thanks to Field Marshal [Unyielding] and Darragh Wrathe’s Mortal Fear magic ability, this list can make your Cryx warjacks surprisingly difficult to remove from the table. Combine that with Asphyxious’ Mobility and Calamity spells as well as Dark Shroud from the Bane Warriors, and suddenly the list isn’t just difficult to take down, it hits hard and fast too. That isn’t anything new to Cryx players, but also having some staying power with their warjacks . . . it’s definitely a nice change of pace.

Bumping this list from 50 points up to 75 is fairly straightforward—just add another heavy warjack (or two), or add another heavy and some more infantry to keep up with this highly mobile force. For example, you could add another nasty heavy like Barathrum along with a full unit of Carrion Thralls.


This all-in-one army box contains a classic Circle Orboros army focused on the living warbeasts of the faction. Building a battlegroup-focused list is the calling card of Kromac, Champion of the Wurm. Every aspect of his rules makes warbeasts more efficient and powerful in combat while also increasing their survivability. Circle players will find these models useful not only in this army list, but also as a basis for creating lists with many other warlocks.


Kromac, Champion of the Wurm +28 Warbeast Points
–Warpwolf Stalker – 19
–Feral Warpwolf – 18
–Ghetorix – 21
–Rotterhorn Griffon – 7
–Rotterhorn Griffon – 7
–Shifting Stones – 3
–Shifting Stones – 3

Kromac’s aggressive play style is complimented nicely by his feat, Bloodlust, which increases the accuracy, strength, and armor of his battlegroup. This combination gives Circle players the potential for devastating alpha-strike turns and the ability to weather the incoming counterpunch. With a Warpwolf Stalker, Kromac can use the animus Lightning Strike to bounce in and out of combat playing a hit-and-run style. Kromac’s character warbeast Ghetorix gains Overtake, giving the list a solid anti-infantry choice. Between Ghetorix and the Death Shriek animus of the Rotterhorn Griffons, the army can handle armor and infantry swarms alike. If you’re looking to expand this army we suggest adding in some utility and support models such as the Druid Wilder or Sentry Stones & Mannikins. The Druid Wilder supports this army well by removing excess fury points from warbeasts and allowing Kromac to upkeep a spell without spending fury. Sentry Stones are excellent anti-infantry models and bring a solid control element with the ability to create forests to block line of sight.

50pt Army Box 2017 Details

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