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40K: What Would A Year of Nurgle Look Like

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Feb 1 2017


We’re already seen the first hints of Grandfather Nurgle coming in 2017. Here’s what the year may hold:

GW has already showed off the upcoming Warhammer Quest: Shadows over Hammerfall.

Then the blurry image of a purported Mortarion got bandied about – leading many to wonder if 2017 is the year of plague.  We can get a decent idea of the future may hold by looking back at the last 12 months of Tzeentch releases:


It smells gross in here, can we go back to the Silver Tower?

Warhammer Quest: Shadow’s over Hammerfall is said to have an April release, so that kicks off the year.


Better start practicing your drybrushing folks!


Horus Heresy: A third boxed set in the plastic HH games could have a Nurgle themed force (Death Guard) vs the Imperials.  Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero both showed up in November.


I can slice a Land Raider in half with this thing!

40K: A new “not-Warzone Fenris” Nurgle themed campaign kicking off with a focus on the Death Guard, Durgle Daemons and Mortarion in December would match the pattern of Wrath of Magnus


Please replace me – please…

Age of Sigmar: New Nurgle daemons and Age of Sigmar models in January 2018 would match exactly what we’ve seen with Disciples of Tzeentch. The final cherry on top would be a new plastic Great Unclean One – and you know it will he HUGE and DISGUSTING as only modern GW sculpting can pull off!


~ What do yo think?  How much of that potential range would you gobble up?


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