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Heresy Minis, Industry Winners & D&D!

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Mar 13 2017

Take a look at all the goodies you missed this weekend tabletop fans.


GW: New Releases March 11th “Pricing & Links”

A new batch of Heresy Era plastics is now available from Games Workshop! Tartaros Terminators and MK III Power Armor!


WD: Harlequins Head to Commorragh

The Harlequins take to the skies in Gangs of Commorragh with new rules in the March White Dwarf!


Industry: The Top 5 Miniatures Games 2016

It’s a fight for your hobby dollar – come take a look at who came out on top in 2016!


FW: New Blood Bowl Players Join The Fray

Forge World unleashes some new Star Player potential on your games of Blood Bowl!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 38


40K: New Throne of Skulls: Gathering Storm Event

Warhammer World has a new event on the horizon – The Throne of Skulls: Gathering Storm Edition!


FFG: Weekly Releases March 11th “Fools & Reprints”

GoT:LCG gets a new chapter pack and some old favorites are back in stock!


~You’re all caught up, now onto the week!

  • 40K Lore: Terminator Armor Patterns