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40K: 5 Plastic Kits That Need To Happen

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Apr 11 2017

The Fans want them so what’s the hold up? Check out the 5 kits we want to see in plastic!

After the big reveal yesterday that the new Thunderhawk (while a cool model) is going to be resin, we got to thinking, “Okay, what kits would we like to see in plastic? And more importantly what would the fans want to see in plastic?” Now, we know there are other things to consider like production time/cost/resources/sales cannibalization – but we’re just spit-balling so those things don’t matter! Here are the Top 5 kits we want to see in plastic!

Sisters of Battle

This one is a no-brainer. Folks have been hoping to get plastic Sisters for YEARS. There is a built-in market of players that want them and a whole new batch of folks that would be interested in them. GW proved they could do it with the Triumvirate of the Imperium. Anyone else thinking that St. Celestine was just a test run?

Greater Daemons (of Nurgle and Slaanesh)

We already saw what Games Workshop could do with Khorne and Tzeentch – how about some love for Big Poppa and everyone’s favorite secret keeper? There were stories floating around that the Glottkin was going to be the GUO in plastic form – but that was never confirmed. But based on that (and the Bloodthirster / Lord of Change) I’m betting GW has something CRAZY in store for the GUO. Oh and I don’t even know what’s going on with Slaanesh and what they want to do with that model. But here’s hoping they both come back in plastic!

Contemptor Dreadnought

“Wait – we already have one of those! You used the box art as your example image!” Yeah, I know – this kit is incomplete. Look, I get that it’s plastic and it’s a Contemptor and it even has a couple different weapon options. I also understand that GW probably doesn’t want to cannibalize sales from the FW kits for this model. But this kit…it needed to be better. Games Workshop has had a plastic dreadnought in a starter set before. But the “real” kit was MUCH better than the starter version. I was hoping that the Contemptor solo kit would get the same treatment. It did not. I’m still holding a grudge. Maybe I’m a dwarf at heart…


Daemon Princes

No, no, no…not those Daemon Princes. THESE:

Okay, maybe I’m just being greedy. Sure, the two “red ones” are similar but really want I want to see is a new Daemon Prince for each of the Chaos Gods. That old metal Nurgle Daemon Prince is a great model and the “newer” kit is mostly fine. I think my issue is that the Daemon Prince (new) was just trying to be too modular. It’s a kit for both 40k and (at the time) fantasy. Looking at it now it seems kind of bland. For my money I want a Daemon Prince that reflects their patron chaos god. The Nurgle kit has set the bar and the “new” plastic kit doesn’t quite clear it for me.


Oh I’m sorry, is my chaos showing?! Have I mentioned that I want a new plastic Abaddon kit? I have? Yeah…definitely not going to let this one go. Make it happen GW. Make. It. Happen. An all plastic Chaos Triumvirate would be pretty sweet…maybe Abaddon, a new Daemon Prince, and a Chaos Warhound? Just sayin!

Bonus: Every Eldar Phoenix Lord & Avatar


And maybe their respective Aspects, too?


I was going to finish the list with the Plastic Thunderhawk…but it’s just too soon. What kits would you want in plastic?

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