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40K: Regimental Focus: Armored Armageddon

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Sep 29 2017

The Steel Legion of Armageddon is bringing in the Armored Fist Squadrons back to the tabletop – Check out their special rules!

Of all the Imperial Regiments, the Steel Legion of Armageddon has mastered the art of combined Infantry and Armor tactics. They are a fast moving, hard hitting, mobile combat force. They have some very interesting abilities that work together to highlight their tactical acumen. Let’s start by looking at their Regimental Doctrine first: Industrial Efficiency.


This is another one of those Regimental Doctrines that changes the way both Infantry and Vehicles work. Infantry will be able to “double tap” their rapid fire weapons out to 18″ rather than half the weapon’s range. That means all those Lasguns can put out a ton of shots at 18″ with orders like First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! For Vehicles, their armor is just plain better! If the AP of a weapon is -1, it’s reduced to 0. That might not seem like much, but that’s going to keep your armor safer from small arms fire. It’s going to take some dedicated firepower to punch through the Steel Legions armor.

Up next, we are going to travel to combo-land with the Steel Legion. Their unique Order Mount Up! and their Armoured Fist Stratagem, you’ll be able to pull some dirty tricks!

Basically, your unit disembarks and fires with the re-roll bonus. The following turn they can move/shoot like normal and then immediately embark back onto their transport. Again, the remounting is the key component of this. You’ll be able to embark during the shooting phase instead of the movement phase so you’ll never miss a turn of shooting. That’s pretty handy for keeping the pressure on your opponents!


The Forces of Armageddon come from the various Hive Cities much like the ones featured in Necromunda. Gangs are a fact of live when you live in a Hive City and those Gangers are not immune from joining the Astra Militarum during times of war. However, some of those Gangers actually thrive and rise through the ranks. This is reflected on the tabletop with the Armageddon Regiment’s Warlord Trait: Ex-Gang Leader.

That can actually make for a pretty competent close combat combatant! If you want to keep your Warlord alive even longer you can run one of the new Ogryn Bodyguards along side them. They also have special Bodyguard rule:

Mechanically, I know how this works. But I much prefer the Deathshroud’s version of Bodyguard because it makes more sense to me thematically. But that’s another soapbox…

Additionally, Game Workshop also revealed a trio of Relics that the Astra Militarum will have access to:


All of these Relics look like they will have their uses. That Blade of Conquest combine with the Armageddon Warlord Trait will make for one dangerous Company Commander for sure. I never thought I’d be worried about running into Close Combat with a guardsmen not named “Straken” but with that weapon floating about…I’m going to be double checking wargear for sure!

If you’d like to learn more about the Armageddon Steel Legion’s Regiment and see what nasty tricks GW suggests, read their full breakdown HERE.

Over the past week we’ve gotten a look at 4 other Regiments:






With the Armageddon Steel Legion, that makes 5 Previews so far. We know there are 8 Regiments total so that leaves 3 left. With the prevalence of Cadian Shock Troopers in the model range, I’d put money on Cadia being one of those 3 Regiments. That really only leaves 2 Regiments left. Who do you think the last 2 Regiments will be?


What do you think of the Armageddon reveals today? Are you ready for the Armored Fists Squadrons to roll in to your neck of the woods?

Author: Adam Harrison
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