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Painting Competitions: GENCON50 – PP/MHE Winner

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Sep 5 2017

Chris Suhre proved that he truly has the painting skills to be considered great artist.

He did not win just one of the competitions, he left Gen Con with Best in Show in two different painting contests.

Gen Con’s MHE Best in Show and Best Painter Category

Suhre’s painting skills won him the best in painters category and best overall in the gencon competition for the Angel miniature. He entitled the piece “After”. It was presented in a wooden block that incorporated a masterfully painted background. This backdrop helped to evoke a sense that you were not merely seeing a figure. First of all the presentation draws you in, creating the illusion that as a result makes you believe that you are observing an angel in deep thought. Chris’ eye for details, can be perceived when you admired the freckles in the skin near chest and arms, or in the selection of color for the hands or face. The freehand on the miniature is not overpowering, yet the presence of it, is enough to elevate the quality of the work.

One of the things that called my attention was the face of the miniature. It is not highly detailed, but has a simple feel that helps tie the complete piece. There is a great use of contrast, a right selection of colors, mastering of painting techniques, and amazing use of atmosphere. As a result of all this attributes it was seleceted the winner of Best of Show in the MHE’s painting competition.


Privateer Press P3 Grandmaster Paiting Competition Best in Show and Best Diorama Category

Chris Suhre also won best diorama and best overall in the P3 Grandmaster competition. The Deathjack piece is entitled “Screams on the Thornwood front”. He entered a Nemo bust (which can be seen in the PP competition article) that won a gold. Suhre also won a recognition of artistry in the P3 jack category.

The “Screams on the Thornwood front” follows the beats of the MHE entry.  The use of elements outside the miniatures, raise the quality of the diorama. The presence at the top of the heap of the Deathjack creates a focus point for the scene. Extra large horns added to the shoulders of the jack, made it seem an even more menacing figure. The diorama OSL (Object source lighting) is done in such a way that highlights the “evilness” of the helljacks/bonejacks. You can still see the rune on the flat surfaces of the warmachines, embellishing an otherwise plain area.


As in the Angel figure the bones littered through the entry are painted in a stark way. They seem to have been dried to a crunchy consistency.

Suhre takes special care in the elements that need to be smooth have a well blended finish. Rough looking areas have textures created with paint that distinguishes them from the rest of the entry.

The end product shows the time taken to create the great presentation shown here . In conclusion the piece of art that is this diorama truly deserved the recognition it won.


Beautiful miniatures like these make me want to go home and start painting, because the inspire me. They whip into a frenzy my desire to paint. They make me want to paint elegant miniatures, that can evoke a story with the brush.

~What inspires you to paint your miniatures?


Author: José Vélez
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