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Privateer: Trollbloods of Iron

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Oct 16 2017

Privateer game developer Will Pagani shares two Company of Iron lists for Trollbloods.

The first is a 20 point list inspired by a hero of the Watcher Peaks, and features caber throwers:

The fell caller Dhewar Lautcrier is a hero to the trollkin of the Watcher Peaks. He travels from kriel to kriel with a group of hardened warriors drawn from his expansive pool of siblings, bringing news of the outside world and offering his aid to whomever needs it. All he wants in exchange is little more than a few warm meals and enough drink to make his roving band merry. He and his brothers and sisters then march off to the next adventure, belting out raucous songs about their many glorious deeds.


Trollbloods – Dhewar’s Warband


  • Fell Caller Hero – Frontline Commander


  • Kriel Warriors [10] 11
  • Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower [x2] 4
  • Fell Caller Hero 5

Hand Size: 4



On the tabletop…

This force is a frontline bruiser of a list. Ten Kriel Warriors really test if your opponent brought enough attacks to chew through that many Tough bodies. While Kriel Warriors are not the best combat unit in the game, Dhewar’s fell calls really help them land their attacks by giving +2 to attack rolls. Reveille is a very powerful ability in Company of Iron, because between re-roll cards and the re-roll granted by Tough, it is very likely you’ll have a slew of knocked-down trollkin to return to the fight!

Because of the objective-based nature of the game, Pathfinder is an invaluable ability to get to objectives or contest enemy flags or models. Just in case your opponent brought a heavier model like a warjack or a warbeast, the Caber Throwers are there to make short work of such enemies, pushing them away and knocking them down so the rest of your Kriel Warriors can finish the job.


The second list features Northkin Fire Eaters – check it out here.


Author: Mars Garrett
  • Privateer: New Mercenary Theme Force