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Daughters of Khaine: It’s A Magical Place

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Feb 23 2018
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Games Workshop shows off the Shadow Magic of the Daughters of Khaine!

Morathi is back and she’s bringing the Snakes and the Harpies with her. Today we’re getting a look at the more Mystical elements of the army – specifically their Lores and Prayers!

via Warhammer Community

“The Daughters of Khaine are children of two ancient traditions – the bloody cults and (seemingly) god-given power of Khaine and the dark magics of Ulgu, the Realm of Shadows. In the new battletome, you’ll be able to harness both to their full effect with two new tables for your Priests and Wizards to draw from.”

The Daughters of Khaine will have access to the Lore of Shadows and the Khainite Prayers – let’s take a closer look at each:

If you’re an old school fan, a couple of these spells might seem very familiar…


A classic returns, albeit with a slightly new twist. This ability targets a friendly Daughters of Khaine unit and bumps up the Rend on their melee weapons by 1. Plus if they are attacking a unit with a lower Bravery than they have, they get an additional attack on their melee weapons. Not too shabby, and doubly so if you have multiple melee weapons.


The Withering

The Withering makes it easier for your wound rolls to actually cause damage by increasing them by 1 on the target unit. That can really help pile-on the wounds in a large unit, or help take down a monster with overwhelming numbers.

Pit of Shades

Oh man – one of the most hated/loved/loathed/feared spells is back! Pit of Shades in it’s new form isn’t the unit deleting spell of the past, however, it’s still deadly. This time it’s a 2d6 roll and for each point you beat the target unit’s Move characteristic by, they suffer 1 Mortal Wound. Not as devastating – but still deadly!

So who is tossing out these types of spells? The Bloodwrack Medusa for one:


“Bloodwrack Medusae are high-ranking members of the Daughters of Khaine who once doubted the will of Morathi – to secure their loyalty, Morathi has infected them with her own vital essence, causing them to assume a similar form to her and granting them mastery of shadow magic – as well as binding them to the Shadow Queen’s will utterly. You’ll find they make for a useful alternative command option for your army.”


Next up, we get a look at the more prayerful side of the “magic” powers with the Khainite Prayers.

Martyr’s Sacrifice

If you’re about to lose some models in the combat phase, why not make those losses work FOR you? With Martyr’s Sacrifice, each one of those losses has the potential to generate a Mortal Wound. It’s only on a 5 or 6, but that’s better than NOT taking the enemy out with you – especially if you know it’s coming.


Blessing of Khaine

Alternatively, if you want to keep your units alive you could go with this Blessing instead. This ability grants you a re-roll on your Fanatical Faith rolls. That can help keep your units alive and stabbing.

Each of these sets of “Powers” has 6 in them, so you’ll have lots of options when you roll out with the Daughters of Khaine.

“Between Bloodwrack Medusae, Hag Queens, Slaughter Queens and Morathi herself, your Daughters of Khaine heroes won’t just be terrors in close combat but invaluable support units with these new spells and prayers on hand!”

You’ll have lots of leaders that will be able to sling spells or drop blessings (or curses) on the battlefield. The Daughters of Khaine book will be available this weekend for Pre-order!


A trip to the Pit of Shades was the opposite of Tahiti.

Author: Adam Harrison
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