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Malign Portents: Agent of the Queen

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Feb 14 2018

All is not well in Hammerhal. Agents of the Blood Queen twist the goings on of the mortal realms like spiders spinning webs…

The actions of the Malign Portents are far-reaching. Even Hammerhal, the Twin-Tailed City and the heart of the Stormcasts’ domain, doesn’t escape unscathed from the intrigues and omens of the Malign Portents.

In this latest story of deception and blood in the Malign Portents, we learn that Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood, has agents that span the mortal realms. One of them, the Red Widow of Toursonne, has been infiltrating the courts of Hammerhal, using her position and influence to spy on the doings of the Hammerhalian legions.

Of course, the Red Widow has been doing more than just spying–there’s talk of a destroyed fortress where the victims are hunted down like prey for the vampiric forces, and either drained of blood or crucified and reanimated to fight against their former brethren.

What’s interesting is that the deeds are hidden from the rest of the people. Neferata’s agent knows that the Azyr know what happened to the fort–but she has instead heard stories of emergency reassignments and so on to cover up the horrendous slaughter her legion of blood knights carried out.


This, combined with the rumors that spread like plague through the city, seem to have whipped up the mortal inhabitants of the Twin-Tailed city into a frenzy of fear and confusion. And though Neferata’s agent hasn’t yet made it to the highest echelons of Hammerhalian society–one of her pawns is rising. Whatever else happens, the coming war will shake every part of the mortal realms to its core.

Go read the story for yourself, it’s another look at what’s going on around in the “mortal” part of the mortal realms, which we have been getting more and more glimpses of thanks to the videos. We’ve collated the rest of the stories as well if you want to take a look at those.

And with the Dread Solstice at hand, Death might be able to rise to prominence. Though I’m eager to see how exactly the storyline moves forward with the new campaign model they’re using.

Either way, AoS has been a pretty slow, long burn in terms of developments and Malign Portents is already trying to shake-up the status quo with the Lore that’s being added. Whatever else comes next, we’re excited to see it.

Does anyone else taste pennies?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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