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Malign Portents: Don’t Mess With The Queen

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Feb 10 2018
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Stand aside peasants! It’s the Warqueens turn in the ring…

Games Workshop is back with another story in the Malign Portent’s saga. Here at BoLS, we’ve been following it pretty closely and now that the book is out, we’ve been prepping for war in the realm of the dead! This story marks a new turn in the saga with the War-Queen under the spotlight.

The Warqueen is on the march and she’s calling followers from all over the realms. In this story we see how you recruit a warband when you’re a devotee of chaos. When appeals to honor fail, and soothsaying falls flat, there is only one way to convince the champions of Khorne to bend the knee to the Darkoath Warqueen – Steel!

So now we know why everyone is on the move. Grots have their reasons, as do the Stormcasts. Now we know that the Darkoath Warqueen is rallying Chaos to the fight. Things are going to reach an boiling point in the realm of Shyish and I have a feeling that is exactly what Nagash has planned…

You can check out the whole thing here. And if you want to get caught up, we’ve collated all the other stories and videos to check out for yourself as well.


Are you ready for the battle in the sands of death?

Author: Adam Harrison
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