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Cosplay Construction Spotlight: Enayla Cosplay’s Asura

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Mar 2 2018
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“This tower is ours, on to the next target!” We’re diving into the construction process of Enayla Cosplay’s Asura!

Welcome to the Cosplay Artist Spotlight!

“Let them come through ME!” -Asura, Guild Wars 2

Today we’re taking a closer look at the gorgeous and whimsical construction of Enayla Cosplay’s Asura from Guild Wars 2.


Asura are a race of tiny gnome-like creatures from Guild Wars 2.  Highly educated and technically-minded, they make up for their size by building giant mech robots (golems) to fight alongside.  I love their lore (and their look) and had wanted to make an Asura cosplay, but unfortunately I’m not two feet tall…so I built a golem to give it scale!  It stands about 9.5 feet and is one of my favorite creations to date.


The Coat

I started my Asura cosplay with the main piece, the coat.  It’s a very unusual design, so I drafted the pattern from scratch. After a couple scrap fabric mockups to ensure that the pattern was correct, I transferred it to the final fabric: a faux ostrich leather a great texture that mimicked the look of my reference.


I added contrasting fabric appliques finished with bias tape for the gold designs on the sides of the coat.


Front Panels

For the center front panel, I layered two textiles (a blue sequin over a heavy canvas), and stitched on strips of soutache cord for all of the white and black line detailing.  I then fully lined the coat in lightweight cotton fabric and installed a line of grommets to lace it up the back.


I constructed all of the armor pieces out of Worbla, a type of thermoplastic, stretched over 2mm craft foam.  All of the raised details are Worbla as well, heated to high temperatures and sculpted into shape.  I primed all of the armor with wood glue and painted it by hand with acrylics.

The Bow

My Asura carries a glowing magical bow made of floating chunks of stone.  To create this effect in real life, I constructed the base of the bow out of EVA foam.  I printed off a screenshot of the bow to scale and used this as a pattern.

Stone Effects

For the rough stone effect, I used a dremel tool to carve out the EVA foam.  I did most of this freehand while keeping a close eye on my reference images.

Final Steps

Finally, I primed the EVA foam with layers of plastidip and glued the pieces together.  I used a piece of plexiglass to attach the ‘floating’ parts, and created the glowing halo effect by painting a strip of clear vinyl around the edge of the bow.



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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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